The Cow Face - Gomukhasana Beneficial for Lower Extremities

Meaning : The rootGo’ in Sanskrit is a distant relative of English word Cow’ & Mukha means face. Placing both the feet on the ground by the side of the buttocks, holding the hands at the back , keeping the body steady is Gomukhasana , resembling the mouth of a cow.

Technique : Sit erect stretching both legs together in front , hands by the side , palms resting on the ground. Fold the right leg at the knee & place it on the ground by side of left buttock. Smilarly bringing the left leg , place it on the ground by the side of right buttock.

Now fold your right hand at the elbow & take it towards back. Fold your hand at elbow & bring it to the back from above the shoulder. Elbow should point towards sky. Now hold fingers of right hand from the fingers of left hand. This is called Gomukhasana.

Things to Remember : To start with , first place the right leg by the side of buttock then left above right. Hips remains straight , one knee should remain just above the other knee. If hands could not catch each other then keep them only folded towards back.

Benefits of Gomukhasana : The practice of this asana removes pain in hips & lower extremities. It helps in making sine straight & strenghten the muscles of spinal region.

It is useful in arthritis & piles & gives exercise to lungs. With the practice of this the muscles of abdomen , the rectic muscles & muscles of thighs are also toned & nourished well.

It also helps to remove obesity , constipation , enlargement of liver & other diseases related with digestive system.


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