The Peacock Pose - Mayurasana toning the Digestive system

Meaning : ‘Mayor means Peacock in Sanskrit. This asana is named Mayurasana since the body in this posture resembles that of peacock. In Indian culture the peacock was reverted as a sign of immorality & love. The serpent is the food of the peacock. But the poison of the serpent has no adverse effect on the peacock. Likewise the digestive power of Mayurasana , practitioner is toned up to such an extent that he can assimilate even the most poisonous food.

The peacock pose(Mayurasana) exerts more intra-abdominal pressure than any other posture. As a result of more pressure on the abdomen , the blood is directed to the digestive organs, thus toning the liver, pancreas, stomach, bowels and spleen. The peacock pose is wonderful for improving digestion & problems related with digestive system.

Detailed Technique : Place the palms on the ground in such a manner as to point the fingers towards the feet. Sit on the knees & bend a little forward. Inhaling , place both the elbows on either side of the naval. Touch the ground with the forehead. Balancing the weight of entire body on the elbows stretch the legs.

Now inhale & lift the face in the front & the legs in the rear from the ground & try to keep them parallel to the ground. Keep the head & legs in level with each other. Breathe lightly in this position. Stay in this position for few movement. Putting the feet on the ground first , return slowly & relax in Shithilasana.

Things to Remember : Pregnant woman should avoid practice this posture. People suffering from ulcer & hernia problem should avoid this posture.

The most important point to be kept in mind in this asana is that when the body is raised on the wrists , balancing the weight of the body on the elbows with uttermost care. If the balance is disturbed by the slightest negligence , it might result in a fall or nose might be hurt.

Benefits of The Peacock Pose (Mayurasana) : This posture very good for organs connected with digestive system like stomach , intestine & pancreas. The blood is concentrated & sent to the digestive organs to tone up by the intra-abdominal pressure.

This posture has stimulating effect on wrists , arms , lungs , ribs & heart. It increases appetite & reduces obesity. This posture cures disorders or disease caused by wind , bile & phlegm. This posture eliminates the worms in the abdomen. It develops the chest & improves balance of the body.

This posture has a good effect on the expelling action of the colon , it is very regenerative & stimulating the abdominal organs. This posture purifies the blood , regulates the blood circulation , as a result of which the body becomes resplendent & lustrous. This posture is beneficial for repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome & people who spend a lot of time on the computer.


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