The Power of Retention of Breath

Murchha Pranayama : The more the practice of Pranayama , the more power to increase the retention of breath(Kumbhaka) is acquired. This Pranayama is instrumental in increasing our capacity for retaining our breath for longer duration which ultimately arrests the functions of mind. Control of Pran leads to the control of the Mind. Prans stabilize in the state of Kumbhaka & with the stabilisation of Pran. Mind too attains the state of stability or equability.

How to do Murchha Pranayama : Sit in Padamasana or any other comfortable pose. Spine & neck should be erect. Keep the eyes gently closed. Insert both of the thumbs into the ears. Now put the index(tarjani) fingers on the eyes , the middle fingers(Madhyama) on the nostril & the little finger(Kanishtaka) on your lips.

Now inhale slowly , gently & deeply through the nostril. Close the nostril with the middle finger & perform Antrik Kumbhaka along with the three Bandhs. Stay in this position as long as possible. The more capacity for retaining the breath , the more beneficial , it is for Sadhak.

Now release the Jalandhar Bandh & lifting the middle fingers from the nostril slowly, exhale through the nostril. This constitutes one round. Repeat five such rounds in the beginning & go on increasing the rounds gradually.

Precautions for Murchha Pranayama : Do not retain the breath in Kumbhaka beyond the capacity. The period of Kumbhaka will increase automatically with constant & unhampered practice of this Kriya.

After the last round of this Pranayama remove the thumb from the ears , before inhaling the breath. Just as in Sushupti state . one loses the consciousness of the mind , likewise Murchha Kumbhaka mekes the mind senseless & merges it into the super-consciousness.

Benefits of Murchha pranayama : This has a unique effect on the mind of the practitioner.
Contact with the objective world comes to an end. Mind is drawn inward. The sadhaka transcend the consciousness of his body-state.

It gives relief to headache , nervous debility & insomnia. Steady practice of this pranayama arouses inner spiritual light & our vital energy gets an upward push.


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