Reducing Stress and Strain through Laughter Yoga

Man of today is much occupied with worldly activities & so badly involved with the strain & stress of life that he has hardly any time left for laughter without inhibitions. Trails & tribunals of life coupled with polluted environment have enveloped his life with darkness & disappointment , sadness & despondency. Indeed man has become today a abject character of tragic pathos.

Laughter is a natural activity , an activity that in no time reduces to dust of all dreadful circumstances of life. Laughter exercises a miraculous effect on all the systems of our body ,namely the digestive system , the reproductive system , circulatory system & glandular secretion.

This miraculous advantage is latent only Laughter & Pranayama. Laughter is indeed a boon granted only to a human being & that too to a man of fortune. It is said that really , the wealthiest man is he who knows the secret of happiness. The person whose treasure are full to the brim , but who either cannot make any use of it for himself or for society to which he belongs , cannot claim to be called wealthy.

Ultimate good lies in realizing that happiness is the perennial source of An and which flows automatically & naturally within. Happiness emanates from continuous laughter & is attained by practice. Practice of daily laughter reveals that physical laughter is slowly & gradually being converted into inner happiness. Happiness is another name of that inner laughter & that relates to mind. When we stay Long in this bliss state of mind , we are able to partake of that ever-lasting & never-drying experience of spiritual bliss in which all the worldly impediments cease to exit.

When our face shines with the luster of laughter , we become the centre of attraction but no none cares at all for us when we cease to laugh. Just think for yourself. What is the secret of success of that profession that we choose as the source of our livelihood? It is but natural that a businessman who sells his articles to his customers with smile on his face will attract more & more of them towards himself. In the same way , an employee who carries out his duties with a smile on his face gains the confidence & admiration of his superiors & colleagues. That enhances his credibility & reputation.

Now we must have understood it for certain how much beneficial is laughing in its effectiveness on man’s life. One chief reason of this effectiveness is that it restores our gross body to a natural position & thereby tones up their functional capability. Let us therefore include the practice of laughing in our daily sadhana only for a minute & thereby make our life active & free from tension. Let us make our face more lustrous & active each & every cell of our body. By its multifarious uses , let us make our life more & more happy & useful. While laughing , bear in mind that , the main purpose of laughter is to manifest one’s own happiness & make also others share happiness. Do not laugh at others but laugh with others.


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