The Shooting Bow Pose - Akarandhanurasana Strengthen the Muscles

Meaning : This is like the shooting of an arrow after pulling back the string of a bow. In this asana the toes are pulled back up to the ears , as an archer pulls back the string of the bow & then gets ready to shoot an arrow. So , stretching . pulling & releasing are the main features of this asana. In short Akarndhanurasana is the posture of catching hold of the toe with the hand & pulling it upto to the ear. The utility of this asana lies in strengthening the feet , buttocks & shoulders.

Detailed Technique : Sit o the asan with the legs stretched. Rest the left foot on the right knee. Catch the left toe with the right hand. Inhaling , pull up the left foot slowly with the hook of the right hand fingers , using the stretch of the arms till the left toe touches the right ear. Stay in this posture for a while. Exhaling , return to the original position. Repeat the same process with the other foot.

Things To Remember : One important thing to keep in mind in this asana is that the toe is to be pulled towards the ear & not vice-versa. Secondly , see to it that the knee of the straight leg does not bend. Finally , the neck & waist should remain erect while practicing this asana.

Benefits Of Akarndhanurasana : The main nerve located in the toe when stretched up to the ear is brought in to play & activated. Regular practice of this asana is very effective in making joints of thighs , calves , buttocks , arms , shoulders , chest , back etc. supple , flexible & strong.

The nerves of weak hands & feet are strengthened. It also prevents the weakening of hand nerves in case of person who are engaged too much in writing work. This asana also strengthens the feet-nerves of those persons who are in the habit of sitting for long hours.

With the practice of this asana not only the ailment of rheumatism & paralysis , but also the complication of large intestines & those of the liver are cured. The control of breath vitalizes our Pran-shakti & increases the capacity to retain & inhale more & more of oxygen in the lungs.


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