10 Useful Yoga poses for Women's Health

1. Ardha Matsyendrasana – Half lord of the Fishes : In this pose spine rotates around its own axis . it rotates in a circular position.This pose stretches back ,neck , shoulders & hips. It also strengthen your spine.

Technique : Sit on asana while legs stretched in front of you. Bend the right leg at the knee in such a manner that the heel is sit tightly against the left buttock. Now lift the left foot & crossing over the right knee, place its sole on the ground on the outer side.

Keep the right knee close to the chest. Exhaling , press the left knee with the upper part og the right arm & catch hold of the sole of the left foot. Keep the left hand , behind the back.

Turn round the neck maximum towards the left. Stay for a while in this position. Breath in normal way. Repeat this on the other side also. Duration of time for both sides should be same.

2. Setu Bandhasana – Bridge pose : This pose opens your chest & ribcage ,it also helps to breath more oxygen into the body. this pose stretched the fron part of the body & strengthen the hamstrings.

Technique : While lying on back bend your knees & place the soles flat on the floor about hip width. Place your arms straight along your side , palms facing downwards.

Now slowly pressing your feet raise your hips upward. Now expand the front part of your body while breathing deeply. Stay in this position for a few movements. Slowly bring your body to the normal position . lie in shavasana

3. Paripuran Navasana – Boat pose : This pose is named after a boat & has derived its inspiration from there. This pose brings flexibility of the lumber region , muscles of feet & effective for joints elasticity. It dispels lethargy.

Technique : Sit on knees bent , feet to be flat on the floor. Now lean back slightly so your balancing your sit bones. Now raise your legs to the floor while bending knees.

Extend armes forward parallel with floor , palms facing each other. Keeping your chest high your core engaged began to straighten your legs. Remain in this position for a few movements then relax your body.

4. Malasana – Garland pose : This pose helps to remove the problems related with stomach , low back , groin , ankles & hips. It also helps in cuing constipation & cramps.

Technique : Stand on the feet having slightly wider. Now bring palms of your hands together in front of your chest in the prayer pose. Turn toes out slightly. Deeply bend your knees , squatting down between your legs.

Keeping both palms together , slowly press your elbows insides of your knees , opening up the hips. Keep the spine long & chest open. Feel tension in the lower back begin to melt away. Remain in this position for few movements then relax your body.

5. Vaksasana – Tree pose : In this pose the body assume the shape of tree hence the name. This pose stretches hips , legs , spine & strengthen inner things. While your mind is feeling scattered practice this pose for getting concentration.

Technique : Stand on feet having hands on hips. Transfer weight to your left foot as you bend the right knee & place the sole of the right foot on the inside of your left leg. Now slowly press the right foot against the left leg.

Bring your both palms together in front of the chest in prayer pose. Hold this position for few movements then relax & repeat this pose with other leg also.

6. Utkatasana – Fierce pose : This pose improves your posture & stretches your spine , ankle & back. This pose protect you from injury of knees & strengthen quadriceps. This pose makes your ankles strong.

Technique : Stepping your feet hip-width apart , spread through your toes to create a stable base. Now raise your arms upwards facing palms each other. Then bend your knees & sit your buttock back as though you were sitting into a chair.

Now draw your abdomen in to eliminate any curving in the lower back. Put all you weight into your heels & keep in mind not to extend past your toes. Remain in this position for few movements. Then relax.

7. Adho Mukha Savanasana – Downward facing dog : This pose stretches spine , hamstring , calves , glutes & triceps. When chin is pressed into the cavity of the throat , in this pose your Thyroid glands are influenced. As a result hormones get mixed into blood in a natural way.

Technique : While exhaling the breath, take the right leg also to the position of the left leg. Close the heels & place them on the ground. Raise the hips upward to the maximum. Touch the chin with the root of the throat. Take the body as far as back as possible.

8. Virabhadrasana - Warrior II pose : This pose stretches abdomen , shoulders ,quadriceps & strengthen hips , chest & inner things of the body. This pose provides you long , lean & toned arms as well as legs as firmer core.

Technique : While standing step your feet about four feet apart. Now turn your right foot so the toe points towards the front of your mat. Tirn your left foot in 30 degree. Raise your arms to the shoulder height , palms facing downwards. Bend your right knee so your right shin & thigh from a 90 degree angle.

Slowly tuck your tailbone down as you draw your abdomen in. remain in this position for few movements then relax. Repeat with other side also.

9. Balasana – Child pose : This pose opens he hips & provide relief in thightness of the lower back , it also stretches hips , quads & upper back. Liver , spleen when pressed are activated. It also alleviate all types of anger & emotional instability.

Technique : While kneeling on the floor with big toes touching & knees about hip-width apart. Sit on your heels. Now lay your torso between the thighs & bring your forehead to the mat. Extend your arms straight in front of you ,palms on the floor. Close your eyes & breath deeply. Stay in this position for few movements then relax.

10. Garbhasana – Woman embryo pose : The posture of child in its mother’s womb is somewhat like this. Hence it is known as Grabhasana. This pose specifically beneficial for woman’s uterus. All mensutural disorders & hernia are rectified by this pose.

Technique : Sit in Padamasana . bring the hands the midst of the thighs & calves & stretch them right upto the elbows. Maintain the balance on the buttocks. While exhaling ,rest both the hands on the ears.

When the positions stabilized ,catch hold the neck. Stay in this pose according to your capacity. Breathing should be normal.


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