5+ health tips to stay Fit webworker

Working constantly on any project as a web worker does not have the enough time to keep one's fit. Because web working & fitness usually don’t go parallel to each other. As a result their weigh increases , mental stress increases & their overall health goes down the tubes. So without good health , productivity declines. When productivity declines , output decline. When output declines , income declines.

They make excuse to do exercise , there is always a tomorrow. Here are seven wonderful tips for web workers

1. Being Disciplined & Organized : Being at home does not mean that , one to disrespect time. One should be disciplined & organized enough to eat, the right food at the right time. One should maintain regularity to stick one’s schedule. It does not make difference in different slots of time. It does not matter if one exercise at 5 a.m. & other at 5 p.m. Time could be different for different people.

2. Having the right Chair : The chair is the most important part of a web worker’s every day work. So it is equally important to get it right & it should be nice & comfortable. One should not feel stress after sitting on it for hours. The chair on which web worker is sitting on , should provide good posture to his neck & back. One should invest in a quality ergonomic chair.

3. Take a Walk everyday : Walking is a good exercise to start your day. It is not possible for a web worker to go for a walk everyday , then make sure you do it at least three times a week. Walking expose you to fresh air which is believed to be most important thing needed to stay fit for a web worker. Sometimes web workers don’t realize that they haven’t stepped out of the house for days. Walking everyday would give the excuse to do so.

4. Supercharge one’s Brain : It is very important to keep one’s not just physically fit but mentally fit as well. It is all about brain that works for the web worker. The more one’s apply it , the better are the results. So the brain require some extra nourishment , especially if one is web worker. Good mental games are useful to supercharge one’s brain.

5. Extra care of Eyes : With supercharging the brain one should not forget to take extra care of one’s eyes. Being web worker one has to sit , all day long with one’s eyes starring ay computer screen which obviously doesn’t go great for eyes. A simple & effective way to take care of one’s eyes would be, splash the eyes with water at regular intervals , lay down on bed with eyes closed for few minutes.

6. Practice Yoga few minutes : If a web worker practice yoga for ten minutes daily it could work wonders for his health. The simple stretching & breathing exercises could be great way to consume those precious ten minutes. If one practices it diligently everyday then , he soon finds himself less tired & more productive at work.

7. Stop Procrastinating : Web workers are the laziest breed when it comes to getting up , leaving the chair , doing something & some household chore , they always try to avoid getting up from their seat. They always procrastinate to take exercising or taking a walk tomorrow. Stop procrastinating because a walk everyday will feel you fresh & improve your working efficiency results in good productivity.

So these above said health tips are necessary for web workers. Taking care of these little but wonderful things not only to improve the health but also to improve the quality work. Which inclines one’s output & inclines income too.


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