5 Ways to boost Metabolism , lose Fat naturally

Metabolism : It is amount of energy in calories that your body burns in order to maintain its weight. Burning fat is the key to lose weight. Metabolism is a constant process that begins when we conceived and ends when we die. It is a vital process for all life forms , not just humans. If metabolism stops, a living thing dies.

Metabolism is the act involving two kinds of activities which go on the same time i.e. the building up of body tissues & energy stores & the breaking down of body tissues & energy stores , to generate more fuel for the functioning of the body. Here are the 5 ways , you can follow to boost your metabolism.

1. Food part : Many people think that by starving themselves or cutting down eating will help them lose weight. But they actually slow their metabolism drastically. When you body feel panic , it will slow your metabolism then it will burn less calories & store more fat. Food is the most important tool through which you can achieve a strong , sculpted and leaner body. You must provide your metabolism the raw materials that it needs to start burning fat and building muscle of the body.

2. Avoid starchy & refined foods : Generally people used to eat the same foods time and again but these food are actually the wrong foods. Cutting back of starchy carbohydrates , refined breads the foods that contain trans-fatty acids. The trans fats become rigid section on your cellular membrane & interfere with cell function results in high cholesterol & contributing to higher rate of cancer. These are found in cookies , cakes , breads , chips , fried snacks & other junk foods.

3. Regular exercise : By regular exercise your sweat comes out of the body & lose weight. The best exercise regime is a combination of aerobic exercises & weight training. In aerobic you can do running , jogging , riding a bike , playing tennis are best for sweating & you can make your muscles strong through weight training. As your muscles increase their mass fat stores decrease & metabolism boosts up.

4. Eating quality proteins & fibers : Proteins give the amino acids the body need to operate its metabolism & other vital systems. On the other hand fibers the magical ingredient in vegetables & fruits stimulates fat burning & helping counteract the damage effect of high glucose producing carbohydrate such as grains. Higher protein intake in combination with higher fibers intake is the secret winning combination that keep you sleek & lean.

5. Sleep soundly at night : You need enough sleep at night that will keep you away from gaining weight. People who do not get enough sleep are more prone to gain weight. Sound sleep at night also helps to reduce stress. If you feel stress you can also increase the chances to gain weight. A healthy person required 7 to 8 hours of sleep during night.

Now you have got the ways to increase your metabolism & lose your weight in natural manner. Make sure you will follow & incorporate it in your lifestyle , by which you can lose your weigh in a healthy way.


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