7 Dieting mistakes People often Make

People tried multiple diets in their daily life , but nothing seems to work for them. They think perhaps those diets are good for their health. People do some dieting mistakes quiet often , they think by following the rigid diet pattern they are able to find good out of it. They eat breakfast every day , drink plenty of water but something still seems to be wrong.

Here are seven dieting mistakes that people might not realize they are making

1. Eating very little food : Many people think by eating less they are able to lose their weight but they do not realize that it actually prevent them from losing weight. Because human body is a good adjusting to difficult conditions.

Eating less on consistent basis the body will become super-efficient in clinging onto its remaining stores of fat. The body starts to eat up its muscles for energy. Nutritionists recommend to eat more than 1000 calories per day. Do not crash your diet by cutting calories.

2. Following a Monotonous pattern : Many people having a monotonous diet which is nutritious , easy to prepare & having low calories , which works out as good meal for them. They rotate between that pattern on daily or weekly basis. But they often get pretty bored with eating the same thing day-in-day-out. So they are much more tempted to ignore it in favor of junk food.

3. Misjudgment of portion size : Many people never judge the portion size of their morning cereals , they shake it straight into their bowl. Try weighing out cereal next time , you eat in breakfast. Always use recommended portion size on the packet as guideline. Few of the people can accurately judge weight by eyes. Using smaller dinner plates & smaller cereal bowls helps to keep portion size down.

4. Impulse eating : Many people eat impulsively because one of their dear one has brought in a gorgeous birthday cake , making a coffee & your hand reaches for the cookie jar without really noticing. When you eat the food which you have not planned to eat, stop eating it. You eat it not because , you are hungry but because of , it is there. Do not ban yourself from having food , but do make yourself stop & think about it.

5. Worrying about waste : Many people eat something because they do not want it to be wasted , whether it is finishing up the kids leftovers , licking out bowl of cookies dough etc. That unneeded food is just , adds an extra pounds to your body, better would be if it ended in the garbage. Save leftovers for the next day or use them for compost. In long run you will keep yourself away from being overweight & unhealthy.

6. Making exercise a Chore : May people associate exercise with something they feel that they should do like cleaning the house. While seeing exercise as a chore , make them feel a lovely virtuous , slight self-righteous glow when they make it to the gym. Which unlikely to help them to stick to being active in the longer term. Anything that gets your body moving & your heart rate up are walking , swimming , skating , jogging & gardening etc.

7. Being too strict : One of the final mistake often some dieters make is try too hard. They ban a lot of foods ,obsessive over counting every calorie consumed. Being Too strict adversely effect when something unexpected happened , like a conference with buffet meals or suddenly cracking & going on a cookie-binge.

You need not have to perfect to improve your health , lose weight & get more energy.


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