Amazonian Ants reproduce by Cloning find Scientists

In jungle of Amazon , ants have evolved an unusual social system of reproduction. All ants are female & they reproduce via cloning in spite of laying eggs. Their sexual organs have virtually disappeared but nature has developed some extraordinary abilities in them by which they reproduce.

Biologist Himler belong to University of Arizona began her study the ants called Mycocepurus smithii , many breeds of ants keep domesticated farms where they breed various kinds of fungus for nourishment. She found that Mycocepurus smithii was able breed fungus far more successfully , & in greater varieties than other ants.

Himler & her team found no male ants in Mycocepurus smithii anywhere & she told that it is possible the ants evolved so as not to operate under the usual constraint of sexual reproduction. The fungi that the ants cultivate also reproduce asexually. She further explained that it avoids the energetic cost of producing males , & doubles the number of reproductive females produced each generation from 50% to 100% of the offspring.

Moreover all members of the colony , are colons of the queen that means it can control every aspect of the population. A single virus that kills one ant can kill all their population because all ants have the exact same immune system. Moreover it seems that a lack of male ants gave these female ants more time & energy to cultivate some of the most elaborate forms of ants ever studied. According to Himler, “Ants often evolve highly unusual reproductive strategies. But all-female ant societies are highly rare.”


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