Anger management , leading life with Smile

Having an uncontrollable temper is one of the most unattractive things that a person can have and it will really impede your professional and social life. Anger is the most powerful enemy of man’s himself. Because anger not only harm others but it also harms the person who do this.

A person can become angry over petty issues in his or her life like , his desires ,wills or any sort of frustration face by him or her in day to day life. But the anger is not the solution of one’s problems. There are also other aspects through which one can get control over one’s anger, which are very little but proved to be very useful in life.

Many people who get really angry tend to hyper-ventilate & lose control over their bodily functions. They start throwing the things here and there. Their blood pressure rises & they see red. One of the best thing you need to do to control your anger is very simple deep breathing exercise that you can practice at your home.

Many chronic diseases are also associated with anger because in anger , one’s blood pressure is shoot up which is again associated with many multiple problems, like heart attack , brain stroke , unconsciousness , heaviness in head & other problems also. So what you need to do is to lower your heartbeat & try to breath slowly, in & out.

Another outlet to exert your anger & do some physical exertion like running , swimming & if you really have plenty of anger to let out may be it is a good idea to take up boxing as a sport. Some people find it useful to go to the gym & lift some weight to let loose & burn off some steam. Yoga can provide certain poses & breathing exercises by which you can get control over the anger completely.

Yoga poses useful for anger are like Sun Salutation , in which every part of your body is stretched , The Shoulder Stand pose in which body is inverted in opposite direction to get relief from the regular gravitation of body towards earth. The Head Stand pose which is called the king of all poses, by which all the befits gain from so many poses ,can be gained by practicing this single pose.

Breathing exercises also have good impact to control the anger. Breathing exercises like Nadi-Shodhan pranyam , Anulom-Vilom pranayam , Seetali & Seetkari pranayam , Bharmari pranayam are really good way to focus the mind and filter out all the angry thoughts that you may or may not have within your mind. & lower the heartbeat. Meditation & Yoga Nidra play an important role in soothing the mind & help to expel negative thoughts from the mind.

Once you can find yourself laughing at the world, you will realize that the world will laugh back with you and your anger will just disappear.


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