Anxious mother results sleeplessness in Babies

A new study shows that the babies born to anxious & depressed moms are likely to have sleeping problem in the first six to twelve month of their age. The researchers found that the strong reason of poor sleep in infants is due to emotional distress in moms before the conception.

The study shows psychological distress before conception puts babies twenty three percent increased risk of sleeping at sixth months of age & twenty two percent increased risk at twelve months of age which in turn are associated with behavioral problems. Poor sleep during early childhood also affects their learning ability in coming ages.

The researchers analysed 874 women between the age of 20 to 34 years before becoming pregnant , the women completed the General health Questionnaire , a twelve question screening instrument that detects depression & anxiety disorders.

They found that the percentage of babies who have poor sleep during sixth month are higher in psychological distressed moms. They found that if this sleeping problem is not cured it can become chronic with implication for the health & well being of both the baby & the mom.


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