Burning Calories , having weight loss enjoy Love Making

In life what we feel good , actually beneficial for our health. That is safe sex enjoyed with your partner. The chain of chemical composition of the body is changed when you are being touched. Cuddling , stroking , caressing & hugging strengthen the emotional bounding between the partners & also improve the overall health of both.

Intercourse can be helpful for lowering the extra weight & lowering cholesterol level of the body. The average amount of calories we burned during the course of thirty minutes of sex is 150. when you compare these burned calories with other works that you do in daily life are less that you burned while enjoying sex. Household work burned only111 calories , dancing practice burned 129 calories & yoga burned 114 calories.

Sex is actually considered to be a legitimate form of exercise for lowering the cholesterol level from the blood of both the partners. Sex not only burned the calories but also improved the bloods circulation , the deep breathing during sex & increasing heart rate helps to increase the blood flow to the entire body. It helps to supply oxygenated blood , nutrients & hormones to the brain & other organs of the body.

During intercourse the rate at which the waste deposits are removed from the body are increased , hence results to weight loss & prevent your & yours partner’s body from any sort of illness & fatigue. Moreover you enjoyed better sleep after the intercourse. You will sleep more restfully because of the relaxing afterglow.

So whether you are making love with your partner, you are actually burning calories & reaping the benefits. If you want to have more energy , be healthier , look young , cleanse your body & lose weigh , so have safe sex with your partner.


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