Causes of Hypothyroidism and its Yogic Management

In human body, its metabolism is controlled by the endocrine system specially by the Thyroid gland. But in hypothyroidism , there is deficiency of the required amount of thyroid in the bloodstream. The thyroid gland becomes under active & it does not produce the thyroid hormones which are required for the proper functioning of the human body.

But in Yoga different postures are practiced for the stimulating & toning up of the endocrine system specially for thyroid & parathyroid glands. In yogasanas the body is moved , twisted & stretched in different directions which provide massage to endocrinal glands & regulates the blood flow to them.

The Shoulder Stand Pose (Sarvangasana) : This yoga posture is considers the most effective for thyroid gland which becomes under active due to hypo-thyroid problem. In this posture the body is inverted like that , the blood flow towards the neck region where the thyroid gland in human body is situated. The blood with oxygen stimulates & nourish the thyroid gland. This pose is especially useful in the purification & rectification of blood circulation.

Detailed Technique : lie down flat on the back. Keep the legs straight , bring toes & heels together & stretch the feet forward. Stretch the arms along & close to the body. Palms should face the ground. The whole body must be straight from top to toe.

Start inhaling & raise the legs upward slowly from the hip joint. Bring the legs to a 90 degree angle & stay in this position. Exhaling & pressing the palms on the floor , take the legs beyond the head , making them parallel to the ground.

Normalize the breath & stay on in this position for some time. In this position the toes will remain fully stretched & knees will not bend. Now support the back with the hands & stretch the legs upward towards the sky slowly.

Place the palms on the back as far as below as possible & in such a way that the whole body stand straight upon the shoulders. The chin should touch the chest. Now relax the toes & maintain this position.

Breath in the normal manner. After sufficient practice in this pose perform Moolbandh & Jalandharbandh intermittently to derive better benefit from this asana. Then slowly come back to the ground bring down the legs very slowly. Then relax in Shanasana for a few minutes.

Things to be Remembered : Persons suffering from hypertension , having any problem in neck, ear & eyes should strictly avoid this pose. The pregnant women or suffering from any menstrual problem should also avoid this pose.


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