Changing Kids lifestyle while practicing Yoga

Yoga for kids has become the necessity for today’s hectic lifestyle. Stress has affected the life style of both the young as well as the old. Many schools have started to teach Yoga to kids at the beginning of their school level. Kids have shown a positive response towards learning Yoga. The study level of today’s kids have become so much stressful that , some yoga exercises are beneficial to improve their life style as well these yoga exercises are helpful in their studies.

A few of the great benefits kids receive from yoga exercises are , improved flexibility, coordination & self control. These yoga exercises provides enjoyment to the kids as well as provide them relaxation & fill their body full of energy. Yoga is also seen as a great family activity, that sets the stage for family bonding.

In Yoga animals & nature are emulated in its different poses , kids have natural tendency for love of animals & nature. So their interest can easily be captured by these emulated poses done in yoga like camel pose , cat pose , down ward dog pose , the lion pose , the rabbit pose , the cobra pose , the fish pose , the tree pose , the warrior pose , the corpse pose etc. By practicing these poses , the kids no only enjoy in doing these poses but also , theses are beneficial for all round development of the kids.

A few of most popular yoga poses beneficial for kids are

The camel pose : This pose is beneficial for the back bone & the shoulders. This pose provide relief to the kids & it make their bone more flexible.

The lion pose : This pose is beneficial for ear ,nose & throat , it also stimulates the thyroid gland situated in the neck region. This also stimulates the abdominal muscles.

The tree pose : This pose is beneficial for balancing posture , it improves the posture balance in kids & helpful in standing straight & firm.

The warrior pose : This pose improves one’s self control & provide strength to the whole body in kids. This is beneficial for arms , shoulders & thighs.

The corpse pose : By lying on the floor in this pose , which provide complete relaxation to the kids & it soothes the whole body , the breathing activity in this pose is very slow.


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