Downward facing Dog relieve legs , back pain during Pregnancy

Meaning : Downward facing dog or Adho Mukha Svanasana a Sanskrit word in which adho means downward mukha means face & svanasana means dog pose is also known as downward dog. Many woman experienced a pain in their back & legs during pregnancy. This pose is very beneficial for relieving both the pains. This pose stretches the entire body from feet to hips & the back.

This pose is beneficial for shoulders blades , hands , arms , lower back , calves , hamstrings & neck. This pose stretches the back & opens the chest , it stimulates the brain , improving the eyesight , helps improving memory & the nervous system. This pose is good for pregnant women who experienced regular pain in legs & back.

How to do downward facing dog pose : In this posture come onto the floor on the hands & knees in such a way that knees are directly under the hips & the wrist is slightly forward the shoulder. While exhaling the breath , take the right leg also to the position of the left leg , close the heels & place them on the ground. Raise the hips upward to the maximum. Touch the chin with the root of the throat. The back should be lengthened along its entire length. Take the body as far back as possible.

Down ward facing dog pose is safe during pregnancy to get relieve from the stiffness in neck, legs , calves , shoulders & lower back region. This pose expels carbon dioxide from the blood & rejuvenate oxygenated blood in whole body. During pregnancy many women experienced headache & anxiety , this pose decrease tension & headache by elongating the cervical spine & the neck. This helps to warm up the whole body.


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