Go Vegetarian , keep yourself away from Chronic Diseases

The eating trend among the people all over the world is changing from meat eaters to vegetarian. Vegetarian are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases like cancer & heart disease than meat eaters. It is very difficult to change our diet. Scientific reason have shown that real health benefits can be gained from meat free diet. The whole vegetarian diet tends to be higher in fibers , vegetables , fruit & lower in saturated fats. We need proteins , iron , fats & vitamins for the overall growth of the body.

our body need proteins for growth which repairs the broken tissues of the body & protect our body from many kinds of infections. Vegetarian diet contain enough amount of proteins in wide variety like dairy products , nuts , cereals & beans ,grains etc. Beans & cereals are advised to be first class proteins in vegetarian category. Eat whole grain pasta instead of regular pasta , eat brown rice instead of white. Whole grain are much healthier , more nutrients , easy to digest & having more fibers. Whole grain tastes better & more satisfying.

The hard facts that is Iron is essential for making Hemoglobin in our body. The best constituents of iron in vegetarian diet is fruits & vegetables. Meat is no doubt a good source of iron but even though the studies shown that vegetarian are at no greater risk of iron deficiency than meat eaters. Eating fruits & vegetables ,drinking the juices of fruits like orange , pineapple , pomegranate & juices of vegetables like carrot , bitter-gourd etc are iron rich foods.

Vitamin B12 is needed for the growth , production of red blood cells & maintenance of healthy nervous system by the body. This vitamin is present in water , some root vegetables like carrot , radish , beans , peas , spinach ,bean sprout , green leafy vegetables & peanuts etc. Dairy products are good source of vitamins. Eat raw or steamed veggies with lunch & dinner. Fruits are great after dinner they not only provide nutrients & fibers but also fill you up without giving too much calories & fat.

Many parents worry that a vegetarian diet will not provide all the essential nutrients to a growing child or teenager needs. Vegetarian diets are perfectly capable of providing everything a growing child needs and still have a healthy lifestyle. Several studies support this, showing vegetarian children have similar patterns of growth and development to other children.


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