7 finger movements [Mudras] for amazing health

The health of whole body is disguised in your fingers , this is not fun but it is true. Different diseases can be cured by giving different shapes to your fingers. It is not a new invention but it has been attached with ancient Indian culture called Mudra Vigyan ( Mudra science ).

The small day to day problems can be cured effectively through these shapes. Which are formed by touching different fingers with each other. With the help of these Mudras (finger shape ) , the elements of the body are stabilized which cure many diseases. Any Mudra practiced for at least 15 to 20 minutes proved helpful for a particular problem. Here are the main helpful Mudra for routine life problems

1. Gyan Mudra : This shape is formed by touching the forefinger & thumb each other, while other fingers remain straight. This shape is beneficial for alleviating the disorders of the brain & provides sound sleep. This Mudra is also very beneficial for children for their intellectual development. 15 minutes of continues practice of GyamnMudra brings about a transformation in your corporeal elements.

2. Vayu Mudra : The forefinger adjacent to the thumb should be twisted to touch the root cavity of the thumb & press a little the forfinger with the thumb. The other fingers should remain straight. This is called Vayu Mudar. This shape rectifies the gastric disorders , such as rheumatism , gout , shivering , bleching , hiccups & vomiting etc.

3. Shunya Mudra : Placing the middle finger at the root-seat of the thumb & press it lightly with thumb makes the symbol if what is called Shunya Mudra. The rest of the fingers will remain straight. It is not only alleviate the pain of the ear , but cures deafness also. it also strengthens the jaw region. It also cures the leaking of ears.

4. Prithvi Mudra : The ring finger (Anamica) when brought into contact with the thumb , while keeping others stretched forms Prithvi Mudra. Its regular practice provides power to the body & improves digestive power. It makes up the deficiency of all vitamins in the body. It also cures the deficiency of earth element in the body & prevents leanness.

5. Varun Mudra : This Mudra is formed by contracting the little finger with the tip of thumb. Other fingers remain straight. It is useful for purification of blood & proper circulation of blood in the body. This Mudra helps to alleviate the problems like acne , roughness of skin , eczema & allergy etc. it is also useful in alleviating the ailments or the diseases caused by the deficiency of the element of water in the body.

6. Pran Mudra : This Mudra is formed by contact of last two fingers , namely the little finger & the ring finger (Anamica) with the thumb. The rest of two fingers will remain straight. It is useful for making up the deficiency of vital (Pran) energy. It also cures many ailments of the eyes.

7. Shankh mudra : The left thumb is placed on the center of the right palm. The right hand forms a firm grip around the left thumb. The left hand rests against the right fist. Right thumb touching the left index finger. The regular practice of this Mudra alleviates all the ailments of the throat region & tones up the speech glands. It also improves the memory power in the children , if practiced regularly.


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