How Sirshasana - Topsy Turvy Pose , The King of All Asanas

Meaning : Siras in Sanskrit means head. Sirshasana is called the King of all asanas , because the benefits gained from different asanas can combined gained from the practice of this single asana.The practice in which the navel is above & palate below , the sun above & the moon below is known as Shirshasana i.e. Topsy Turvy Pose. Sirshasana is really a blessing & Nector for human beings.

Technique Of Sirshasana : Spread the four folded blanket on the sole , place knees on the ground. Frame finger-lock with both the hands. Making a triangle from finger lock & elbows , place it on ground. Bending forward , place middle of the head on the ground near finger lock.
Now slowly straight your legs.

Slowly bring your legs near the body. Soles will automatically leave the ground by practice & thighs & knees will touch abdomen. Now keeping the balance straight your legs from thigh- joint , knees will remain folded. Now straighten the knees also & completely balance your body on head for 5 seconds & gradually increase the period to 15 seconds & slowly increase the more.

While returning to the original position fold your knees first ,then fold your leg form thigh & let the thigh & knee touch your abdomen. Now slowly place your sole on the ground & sit.

Precautions for Sirshasana : This asana should be performed only on an empty stomach & when one do not suffer from constipation. While practicing it p;ace that part of head on ground on which spine can remain erect.

Do not raise your legs with jerk. In beginning practice it under the guidance of a teacher. While returning ,do not raise your head soon after completing asana. There remain a fear of getting giddiness , therefore , keep your head near finger lock for sometimes & then raise it up.

Those suffering from high bloods pressure , heart disease or running ears should not practice this asana. Those having cough & cold also should not practice it. Person suffering from constipation & gastric problems should practice it carefully.

Benefits of Sirshasana : This increases blood circulation in head & memory power is improved. This strengthen nervous centres of whole body & maintain health of endocrine gland. This is very useful in keeping up Brahmcharya , the seminal energy is transmuted into spiritual energy.

When you practice this asana imagine that the seminal energy is being converted into Ojas & passing along the column into the brain for storage. Digestive system is improved , beneficial against congested throat , diseases of liver & viseroptosis.

In this asana alone, the brain can draw plenty of Prana and blood. Memory increases admirably. In this asana if you watch your breath you will find that it becoming finer & finer, you will feel a sense of pleasure after practice of this asana.


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