How to live healthy being Vegetarian

Going vegetarian is the single best way , we can do for our families health. This way we can protect our families from numerous chronic diseases like heart , cancer & strokes. Researches have shown that vegetarians are 50% less likely to develop heart diseases & have 40% of the cancer rate of meat eaters. Meat eaters are nine times obese than the vegetarians.

Scientists have found that vegetarians have stronger immune system than the meat eaters. The use of meat & egg is also associated with the diseases like Asthma , Osteoporosis , Alzheimer’s & male impotence. Vegetarian are less prone to everyday illness like flu & the life span of vegetarian are longer than meat eaters.

Why to become Vegetarian : there are several reasons for becoming vegetarian such as

1. Fat metabolism : Meat provides a lot of proteins , similarly it also provides a fat, specially saturated fat. The cutting out meat you will be cutting out a lot of bad fat which greatly reduces your risk of heart disease. Vegetarians have lower risk of heart disease , as well as hypertension , diabetes , cancer & other diseases because of lower supplements of saturated fats are found in their diet.

2. Food poisoning : Every year many people died of food poison & many of them from meat. The meat is a good breeding ground for harmful bacteria , if not prepared or cooked exactly right. Cutting out meat lower your risk of food poisoning.

3. Environmental protection : The environment is harmed by meat industry in numerous ways , from to waste of fuel , to waste of our resources , to pollution caused by their waste matter & much more. By eating veggies we can greatly help our environmental pollution.

4. More nutrition : The vegetarian food has more nutrition than the meat such as fruits , vegetables , beans , whole grains & juices of fruits & vegetables, these foods provide you better health , less illness & more energy. These foods are in no way less nutrient than the non vegetarian food.

Studies shown that vegetarian kids grow taller & have higher level of IQ than the meat eating kids , they have at a reduced risk for obesity , diabetes & other problems related with heart. They are also protected from the long run diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diet provides us with all the nutrients that we need , minus all the saturated fat , cholesterol , and contaminants found in animal flesh, eggs, and dairy products.


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