How to Stay Positive when Sick

Remaining positive while you were suffering from any disease is an important. Either from a passing cold or a long –term disease we slip into the emotional dump. But it is not compulsory to feel blue when your body is healing. New studies show that brighter mood helps to mend your disease faster. Because turning off the mood is associated with call for another diseases to surround you. Here is way to stay up when your body is down.

1. The Body is Sick , not the Brain : Always keep in mind that your body is sick not your mind. You need not to feel sad just because your body is sick & delineate a happy divide between physical aches & pains & emotional ones. You can be in pain or suffering but at least not add to external suffering with a poor me monologue in your head.

2. Taking Sensory care : When you are sick your visual , auditory, olfactory , and other kinds of clutter are pretty defeated & your energies are consumed after getting better , not filtering out. This makes it the most important to remain in tidy , clean & the space which smells pleasant , sound peaceful & obviously looks nice. The little things that you can do by making the bed , put the dishes away , wipe the table down & change your bed sheet etc. You will feel little energetic after doing these small things.

3. Eat Nutritious & Clean food : When you are sick , to boost your recovery fast eat nutritious & clean food. Do not add any sort of food which is heavy or stuffy in spite go for light food like soup , cereal , pasta & juices etc. Save those crispy cremes food for another day.

4. Drinking fresh Water : Water not only hydrate your body but it also flushes what needs flushing & keep your cells in optimal fighting shape. your moods are very dependent on proper hydration. You easily forget to drink when you are in-nap-and-mope mode. But water is physically essential & emotionally nurturing , it kept your body free from many toxins. It provide natural treatment to healing body.

5. Taking Bath daily : Most of the people think that they are sick & they are not going anywhere even they find no need to bathe. But if you are just going to roll back into bed , first roll into the shower. While taking bath use your favorite soaps & visualize the water rinsing the sick off of you. You will feel more fresh , shiny & new after taking bath.

6. Changing Clothes every day : People think that because they are sick they need not to change the clothes every day. Because they thought , they are not going to their work but it is their misconception. By changing your clothes daily create a sense of wellness in you & you feel active & little out of your trauma. Wear your favorite clothes & make you pretty , is a good trick for the brain to feel healthy.

7. Looking at Beautiful things : When you are sick your mood is turned towards the negative things & negative thoughts are likely to surround your mind. You remain sad all the time. To come out of this shell of sadness look at beautiful things. Make sure you have a couple of beautiful things nearby you when you are sick like bouquet of fresh flowers , your fluffy kitty & a picture of a gorgeous place which makes you happy.

8. Don’t Isolate from the World : People often disconnect from the outside world when they are sick. Do your best not to let it happen. Call or email your friends & let them know that you are sick & they will check in on you. Receive their love & do not turn down offers of soup , juice & company , let yourself be nurtured. It will prove helpful along with the healing process.

9. Finding good Source of Energy : It is not about a value judgment , but it usually works out that some thing brings you up & other things brings you down. When you are sick , your energy is already low ,& you don’t have energy to waste on artificially cheering up. So make sure , things like TV shows , watching DVD , reading magazines , meeting people & any thing else you encounter should bring you up more than down.

10. Laughing Therapy : While you are sick you don’t want to waste your energy in laughing , because you are more concerned with your sickness than laugh. But in reality , laughter does release good chemicals into your bloodstream , it uplifts your spirit , reason to live & something to look forward in life. Laughter is the dose for any sort of illness. Your body may or may not take the hint , but it certainly can’t hurt to give it something to work with.

These 10 positive ways are very useful , when you are sick & they help to boost your recovery faster. By applying these 10 positive ways , one can easily comes out of his sickness easily & comfortably.


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