How Yoga Bandhs- internal locks beneficial for Body

There are three bandhs in the scheme of yogic exercises. They are Mool Bandh , Udiiyan Bandh & Jalandhar Bandh by the practice of these bandhs the whole body can be benifitted to the great extent.

1. Mool Bandh : Since this bandh is practiced at the root of the spine , it is known as Mool Bandh. Contracting the anus , draw upward the Apan Vayu slowly by practice , is called Mool Bandh. Mool Bandh can be usually practiced by sitting in any asana & every type of Pranayama. But it can be done while doing worldly duties like sitting on the shop or the chair in the office.

Benefits of Mool Bandh : one gains control over the alimentary canal. It ensures the proper functioning of all the organs of pelvic region. It removes all the weaknesses of the excretory organs , it also mollifies the animal desires.

Though the ceaseless practice of Mool Bandh the Apan Vayu is made to move upward as a result of which the digestive power is stimulated in the naval region. The nerves , breath & feeling are brought under control.

2. Udiiyan Bandh : when Pran is made to enter the Sushumna Nadi , it is called Uddiyan Bandh. All the Vital Nadis ou the body are located at the root of the naval , a little above the organ of generation. Empty lungs by a strong & forcible exhalation. Now contract forcibly draw up the intestines & also the naval towards the back , so that the root of the naval rsts on the point against the back bone. This technique of Udiiyan Bandh.

Benefits of Uddiyan Bandh : This helpful in Agnisar & nauli Kriya. It alleviating the ailments of weak abdominal muscles & those of digestive organs & alimentary canal. It imparts strength to the expanding & contracting activity of the intestines.

The seminal energy moves in the same direction in which the Pran moves, hence , when the flow of the seminal energy ascends towards the Brahm Randhr it makes the face resplendent.

3. Jalandhar Bandh : This bandh is practiced along with Internal Kumbhak or External Kumbhak & by pressing chin firmly on the chest & contracting the throat. It enhances the capacity of retaining the breath for longer period & uniting the Pran Vayu & its entry into Brahm Randhr is also eventually regulated.

Benefits of Jalandhar Bandh : the gastric fire which is situated in the Nabhi Region , consumes the nectar , which “exclude out of Sahasrar through the hole of the palate” is prevented by Jalandhar Bandh from being burnt out. The nectar stays in the throat & does not flow down.


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