The Locust Pose - Shalabhasana prevents diseases of Wind , Bile , Phlegmd

Meaning : The Sanskrit word Shalaba means locust or grasshopper. The final position of this asana resembles a locust when it lowers its head & raise its tail. This yoga posture is excellent for improving the strength & reduce stiffness of the lower back muscles & bring flexibility in them. In women it is helpful for releasing premenstrual tension & stimulates the legs , buttock & abdomen muscles.

Detailed Technique : Lie flat on the abdomen. Bring both the palms of the hands under the thighs in such a way that the palms should stick to the thighs & be near to each other. Moreover the palms should be facing upward. Stretch the heels & toes of both of the feet together.

Rest the chin on the ground. While inhaling & without bending the knees raise & the hind part of the body up to the waist. Normalizing the breath , stay in this posture as long as possible. Exhaling return slowly & relax in Shithilasana.

Benefits of The Locust Pose (Shalabhasana) : The most inflexible part of the spinal column is its lower extremity. This asana makes it resilient & strong. It removes all ailments of the back-bone i.e. specially cervical spondylitis , slipped disc , & backache.

By raising the abdomen to the maximum, the energy situated in the lower part of this body starts flowing upward inti the brain & consequently it imparts great strength to that part.

Due to long inhalation in this posture & holding of the breath the lungs become strong. This is beneficial for asthma patients. The bloods circulation is improved & provide massage to the heart. It prevents diseases arising from wind , bile & phlegm.

This posture is useful for rheumatic pain in knees & hip region. It is useful for women in disorders related with menstrual cycle , ovaries , uterus & cures problems related with reproductive organs. It gently affects the activity of adrenal glands.

This pose is useful for diaphragm, buttock, hips, thighs, legs, wrist & lower abdomen , it strengthen the muscles of lower back. This yoga pose can cure any defect like curvature of spine. It is helpful for shedding off the fat from hips , thighs & the abdomen regions.


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