Mandukasana –frog pose stimulates the Reproductive Organs

Manduk means frog in Sanskrit. In this pose the body assumes the shape of a frog, hence is called Mandukasana. This posture improves the functions of all organs specially the reproductive organs both in men & women. This posture increase the sexual ability & helps in curing infertility problems.

Detailed Technique : Sit on the asana , take the left leg backward then the right leg in such a manner that both the feet touching each other. Stretch the knees backward. Place the right hand below the folded right thigh & the left hand below the folded left thigh. Keep the trunk straight. Look straight & breath normally. Remain in this position for a few movements. Then slowly returned to the normal position.

Things to Remember : Persons suffering from peptic or duodenal ulser undergone any type of abdominal surgery should avoid this posture. People suffering from any type of cardiac problem or who having severe back pain should avoid this posture. The women who have given birth to child should also avoid this pose for few months.

Benefits of Mandukasana : This pose helps to shed off the extra weight from the thighs , hips & the abdominal region. This pose also stimulate the digestive system & cures the problems related with indigestion. This pose removes the defects of reproductive system of men & women & increases the sexual ability.

This pose strengthen the lower parts of the loins. The benefits gain from Padamasana also obtained through this pose. This posture is beneficial for the people suffering from constipation, diabetes and digestive disorders.

This posture improves the lung power, circulation in the walls of the chest and abdomen and tone of the abdominal and shoulder muscles. It also improves sciatica in some people. This posture acts especially in the joints of the knees and ankles improving coordination and fluidity of movement.


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