Marriage is celebrated after pregnancy in tribal Toda in Tami Nadu

In the interior forests of state Tamil Nadu there is a Toda tribal people. They practiced the traditional marriage style in which the marriage celebration is taken place when the girl becomes pregnant. In this tradition , the girl after her marriage stays with her husband for two or three months then goes back to her parent’s home.

( Toda Bride )

When she got pregnant a ceremony is undertaken called bow & arrow ceremony. In which the boy goes to the jungle & makes a bow & arrow from the stems of the tree & presents to the girl. If the girl accepts it , which confirms that the baby in her womb is of the boy & she accepts him her husband.

One of the mother of the boy told that her son got married one & half year before. Now her daughter-in-law is pregnant & they are going to celebrate it big. She told that she is very happy because a new member is coming to their community.

The celebration is organized at the starting of the seventh month of pregnancy , they enjoy their traditional dance & songs wearing their traditional colorful dresses. They also celebrate a day before the full moon day which fascinate many foreign tourists. In the end of celebration couple takes the blessing of the elders of their community.


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