Nataraja asana for stretching Chest muscles , align Vertebrae

Meaning : Nata means the dancer & raja means The King. Natraja is another name of Lord Shiva in Hindu Mythology. His dance symbolizes cosmic energy in its five actions i.e. creation , maintenance , destruction & re-absorption of the world. The dance routine is believed to be representative of the energy flowing through the universe.

King of dance pose is beneficial as balancing pose & it stretches the muscles of both upper & lower parts of the body. This pose give good stretch to chest muscle & align the vertebrae , provide restorative for the spine & helps to make it supple & eliminate the stress or strain due to postural deformities. King of dance pose is a balancing back bend which cultivates open heartiness and helps you uncover your inner radiance. As you stretch your whole body, you develop balance.

Detailed Technique : Firstly stand in Tadaasan , inhaling bend the right leg towards back & with the left hand take hold of the left foot. At the same time extend the right arm forward & extremely straight. Now continuously raise the right arm & simultaneously raise the left leg as high as one can with the help of the left arm.

Maintain this pose while breathing normally & keep the view focused just above the horizon. Initially one can stay in this posture for few movements then increase the time gradually to one’s capacity.

Precautions : People suffering from high or low blood pressure should avoid this pose. People having any sort of injury in legs , hips , low back , knees & especially the shoulder blade should avoid this pose.

Benefits of Nataraja asana : This posture is helpful for stretching shoulders , thighs , chest , groin & abdomen muscles. This improves the postural deformities & helpful in opening the shoulder & chest.

Vertebrae joint learn better performance for the body & build inner & outer steadiness. This posture imbues a psychological lift & opens the heart. It helps to stretch the calves muscles & make the thighs rigid.


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