Padangusthasana – Sitting Posture Cures Nocturnal Ejaculation

After making the spine flexible , if start practicing such asana that helps in preservation & production of Semen . In ancient times , the people who lived in Ashrams or Gurukuls they observed celibacy & used to practice this pose regularly. This pose enhances the capacity to produce energy. Hence this posture is very useful for young boys & girls.

Detailed Technique : Sit on the toes in such a way that the heel of the left foot is placed on the Seminal nerve in between the anus & the generative organ. Now place the right foot on the thigh of the left leg in such a way that the weight of the entire body is balanced on the forefingers of the left foot & particularly on its toe. Now put the right hand on the right knee & left hand on the right ankle in the pose of Gyan Mudra. After that fold the both hand before the chest in Namaste pose. Breath should be normal. Repeat this by other foot also.

Benefits of Padangusthasana : Owing to pressure of the heels on the seminal nerve the falling tendency of the semen is stopped , Nocturnal ejaculation (wet-dream) are no more. The semen is sublimated by the practice of this pose & changes into vital energy. If this pose is practiced along with Shirasasana & Bhujangasana helps in observing celibacy.

The eye sight remains in tact due to its impact on toes & feet. This pose helps balanced development of the body & self control. Nerves & veins of the feet become strong & elastic. It also cures impotence & diabetes.


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