Prevent Hiatal hernia with Home Remedies

Hiatal Hernia - Heartburn : It is also known as diaphragmatic hernia is annoying & serious health problem should be treated immediately. It occurs when one part of your body opening into another part. This hernia forms at the opening in the diaphragm where the esophagus (the food pipe) joins the stomach. A part of your stomach pushes through this opening & cause hiatal hernia.

Home Remedies For Hiatal hernia : Natural approach has become more a preferable approach in treating hiatal hernia rather than medical approach. By following varies home remedies this problem can be cured to great extent , if you follow certain things in your routine life, they will help to get rid of this problem to a larger extent.

1. Avoid spicy & stuffy food : All the spicy & stuffy foods help to increase production of stomach acid which cause the burning sensation in the stomach as well as in the esophagus. Even tea & coffee can be irritating to as inflamed esophagus lining.

2. Alcohol & over weigh : Avoid alcohol totally because it can worsen hiatal hernia as alcohol increases stomach acids. Overweight is another cause of this problem if you want to lose some weight , drink plenty of water. It is very shocking that many people prefer to drink coke ,tea , coffee & other drinks except water.

3. Avoid sleeping immediate after eat : Most of the people often go to bed after they eat their food , you should wait at least two hours after you eat then go for sleeping. Eating a bedtime snack stimulates acid formation and further aggravates acid reflux.

4. Take Red apple daily : The red apple is an amazing natural remedy for hiatal hernia. Eating red apple in the morning after breakfast & you will see the progress you make in a course of month. Many people found that hiatal hernia has been cured completely after regular taking of red apple.

5. Stop smoking : Smoking become the one of the cause for increasing the acid reflux in the stomach. Smoking dried your saliva. Saliva is helpful for protecting your esophagus from stomach acid. People who are chain smoker have great chances of hiatal hernia.

6. Elevate the head of the bed : If you elevate the head of your bed little high ,little raise in head will prevent stomach acid from moving up into the esophagus as you sleep. Do not use pillow because it tends to increase the abdomen pressure. In spite of pillow use foam wedge to raise your mattress level.

7. Avoid certain medicines : Some medicines create acid reflux & heartburn, such medicines should avoid . if you take medicines like tetracycline , anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin , ibuprofen & sedative, they create heartburn , tell your doctor, he will recommend another medicine instead of these.

8. Use of Honey : Honey is simple natural remedy for many diseases it helps to ease inflammation & improve blood circulation. One teaspoon of honey mix it in water & drink it can help a lot for curing haital hernia , it wipe out bacteria & reduce pain.

9. Avoid tight fitting clothes : Always wears the clothes which are lose & comfortable for you because the tight fitting clothes put pressure on your stomach & caused heartburn. Do not use skin fit clothes that are made of nylon fibers. Try to use cotton clothes which are comfortable & not put ant sort of pressure on the stomach.

10. Time for relaxation : When you are under stress , your digestion slow , which worsen the acid reflux. Relaxation techniques like deep breathing , meditation & yoga can help to relax the body as well as mind.


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