Useful Yoga exercises for healthy Eyes

Just as the whole universe is seen in the light of the sun likewise , the whole world is seen with the eyes. Eyes therefore , are an element of the sun in the body. Beauty , emotion & attraction lie in the eyes. It is therefore of prime importance to keep the eyes neat & healthy.

Eyes are guiding star of the success in life. Healthy eyesight alone will guide where to keep the foot. Most of the people stare at a computer screen for hours during work. Now it has become rare to find anyone with perfect vision due to such eye strain. Some eyes movement useful for eyes are

Vertical Eye movement : Sit in Padamasana or any meditative posture , keep the neck & spine straight with hands on the knees in Gyan Mudra pose. Open the eyes , now moving the pupils up look at the central point between the eye-brow where sacred mark is put. Then look down on the tip of the nose. Thereafter without moving the neck go on moving the pupils up & down simultaneously , first slowly then briskly 15 times. Close the eyes gently to provide rest.

Horizontal Eye movement : Open the eyes . now move the eye pupil towards the right & left side 15 times without moving the neck. In order to make this movement effective , you should practice this in such away as if the pupils are looking at the left & the right ear. It will help in determining the distance between the left & the right point. First move eye-pupils slowly & afterwards quickly. Close the eyes gently to provide rest.

Circular Eye movement : Open the eyes. Like the needles of a watch rotate the eye-ball in a circular movement 15 times. Keep the neck straight. Close your eyes gently & take rest. Open the eyes again , rotate the eyes anti-clock-wise in the reverse direction for 15 times close the eyes to provide rest.

Tratak – Far & Near movement of the Eyes : Stretch the right hand forward. Raise the thumb & close the fist with the fingers. Fix the gaze at a point beyond the thumb & slowly bring it closer & closer & fix it now on the thumb. Now bring the thumb close to the centre of the eyebrows & continue gazing at it. Slowly stretch the hand forward & continue fixing the gaze at the thumb. Repeat the process of looking beyond the thumb & at the thumb. Then stretch the hand straight & close the eyes gently to rest.

Palming the Eyes : Fold the palms in the shape of a cup. Put them gently on the eyes in such a way that the eyes are fully covered. Fingers on the right hand should be placed on the fingers of the left hand. The position of the hands should be such that no light from outside should come inside. Keep the eyes gently closed & imagine a dark room. Stay in this posture for 30 seconds & extend it to one minute. This provides great rest to the eyes , increase the eyesight & will never get fatigued. Whenever feeling of tiredness comes during the day , practice palming. It will provide relief to the eyes.


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