Uses of Almonds for healthy Living

Almond is the king of all nuts & it is a rich source of protein & fiber. Experts say that almond not only taste good , but also they are good for you too. Almonds are one of the most nutritious of all nuts. Eating nuts & use of almond oil is very popular practice throughout the world. They have the highest protein content of any nut & are used as valuable food in vegetarians.

Almonds are rich in potassium , minerals , magnesium , phosphorous and especially high in calcium. Almonds are high in mono-unsaturated fat which helps to lower cholesterol , especially the bad cholesterol (LDL). They contain a high degree of oleic acid , which is believed to be the ingredient in olive oil that protects against heart disease.

Some benefits of almonds are

Protection from Heart attack : Almonds are rich in arginine. Current research suggests that arginine rich diets reduce the risk of coronary disease. Almonds contains monounsaturated fats which are helpful for reducing total & LDL cholesterol level. They contribute to healthful level of heart-protective HDL. Who consumed nuts five times a week had a 50% reduction in risk of heart attack.

Protect your Skin : The use of almond oil make your skin soft & improve your complexion. It helps to reduce wrinkles , fine lines & crow’s feet & delays the ageing process if used in the earlier stages of life. During winter season almond oil take care of your dry skin & reduces flakes & patches from the skin.

Protection from Cancer : Almonds are very low in saturated fat and contain many other protective nutrients like calcium and magnesium , for strong bones , vitamin E and compounds called phytochemicals , which may help protect against cancer. Almonds contains 35 percent of your daily allowance of vitamin E , that valuable antioxidant with so many cancer-fighting qualities & most of the fat in almonds is monounsaturated , also known as the Good fat.

Protect your Hairs : Almond oil if applied to the hair or scalp helps to reduce hair fall. It helps to nourish your scalp and makes your hair thick and lustrous. The best way to use almond oil is to heat in a few degrees above room temperature and dip your finger tips into the oil. Massage it in slow gentle circular motions.

Minerals & Folic Acid : Almonds have unique blend of minerals like calcium , magnesium , potassium etc. that are beneficial for the health of bones. Additional nutrients that contain almonds are cooper, iron & zinc which are helpful for bone density. Almonds are good source of folic acid , which helps in making red blood cells , they protect your body from many diseases and in protecting against heart disease and stroke.

Almond is helpful for nervous system & nourishes your brain. Almond helps to enhance your intelligence & endurance. Applying almond oil on strained muscles provide immediate relief to the body.


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