5 bold ways to be Confident

People who are bold enjoy the life more than the people who are shy of doing certain things. Bold means a person who is , daring , brave , confident , courageous , brash & self assured. If you are not bold probably you are shy then your life may be boring & unfulfilled. Being not bold stand in the way of the relationship you wanted to be , the carrier that would fulfill your dreams.

People who are vibrant , their lives demonstrate traits of boldness. They don’t wait to be happen for them , they go out & create that for them. They don’t bow before the challenges , they push on through. They enjoy the life because they are bold enough to go & get what they want. If you want , your life to be more exiting or you may need to learn how to be bold. Here are some tips for you

1. Prepare an Action List : Prepare the list of something you always wanted to do but you haven’t done due to some reason. Suppose you always wanted to go for hill station but have made up a lot of excuses why you can’t do it. Set a goal to take a trip within the next six months. Write down all reasons you think , you can’t do it. Then figure out how to bust through each excuse.

2. Practice it until you Make It : Decide one day for the practice of one new character trait you would like to take on. For example on one day ask a stranger where to find a particular item in the grocery store. Another day, walk up to someone at a party who you would like to meet and initiate conversation. You will notice that day by day your confidence grows little by little. Regular practice will help you to change your personality a lot.

3. Step into a New Style : Sometimes changing your outer appearance will help you to adopt a new personality style as well. Whether you adopt a new clothing look , changing hair style , changing the way you talk or walk or step into a new style that you consider to be bold. Feeling confident on the outside , your inner confidence will soar as well. If you are habit of talking softly , try to talk loud & quick. See if you feel bolder.

4. Stretching beyond where You Were : Do some thing out of character for you , see how it feels to be unpredictable. Being bold means stretching yourself beyond where you were & never going back. It also means experimenting , it could be a new place to eat , making friends who are distinct from your current group. Always try to surprise not only your friend & family but yourself too.

5. Being bold without feeling Conscious : Find some bold people & see what & how they do the things. Then model them & act as if you , too , are bold. When the situation comes up , don’t act normally , step into your bold character & behave boldly. Put yourself in places where no one knows you. Practice your bold actions without feeling self-conscious. Over a time , it will become natural to you.


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