5 healthy benefits of consuming Chilly

Chilies which lead to your tongue burning hot & tears rolling down of your eyes are beneficial for your overall health. There are various benefits of consuming chilies in your daily meals as well as provide various essential nutrients that your body requires to fight with various diseases. Some of useful benefits of consuming it are explained here.

1. Nutritional richness of Chilly : It is a good source of nutrients. Chilies are seen good source of Vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C & E. They also have nutrients like potassium , foliate , magnesium & copper. Chilies contain important antioxidants that help in fighting the harmful affect of free radicals in the body & thus provide various health benefits.

2. Good for Heart & Diabetes : By consuming chilies , you can keep your heart healthy. Chilies help to destroy the harmful cholesterol, thereby aiding in cardiovascular health. It helps to eliminate the bad cholesterols from the blood & supply good blood to the heart. On the other hand if you are diabetic, then you must consume chilies because it has been found that having chilies after meals help diabetic people to control insulin level.

3. Anti-inflammatory benefits against Arthritis : The main component of chilies is capsaicin which helps in naturally treating various inflammation related problems like arthritis & rheumatoid. It helps to reduce the inflammation of arthritis & rheumatic fever. Capsaicin has also been found to be useful for reducing the symptoms & magnitude of asthma & wheezing. It provides natural treatment to nasal congestion & helps in opening & clearing of the nasal passage.

4. Natural pain Reliever : Consumption of chilies help to reduce pain naturally because they act as natural pain reliever & stimulate the release of endorphins which help in curbing the pain. Along with pain reliever , chilies also help to relax the body by releasing chemicals which are necessary for relaxing the body. They are thus beneficial for proving natural treatment of migraines & stress related headaches.

5. Protection from various kind of Cancers : The various studies has shown chilies can also provide protection to the body from various kinds of cancers , especially those of prostate gland & of stomach. Thus eating chilies is beneficial for overall health. So next time you see chilly, you should be tempted to consume it seeing the numerous benefits it gives.


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