Combating stress with Holy Basil

Sun shine helps each & every one of us by providing Vitamin D that helps to relieve the stress. But still the stress hides behind the sun’s rays & especially in these terrible economics times, stress relief is going to be hard to come by. The Queen of Herbs called holy basil a natural remedy, it is popular for anti-inflammatory effects & antioxidant properties, but it is most well known for its success in relieving stress.

Holy basil which scientifically known as Ocimum sanctum has been popular in India as remedy for all sorts of bodily conditions, as well as ailments of the mind & spirit. It is representative of the natural trinity of healing mid, spirit & body. Stress of work, family, bills or social pressure can make adhering to a normal & healthy diet more difficult.

The mix of multi task, constant worrying & trying to maintain your body with added stress & time constraints often increase your stress level. If you feel your stress level is about to implode then add a little holy basil to your everyday life. This can be dropped into water, tea & juice. It also comes in liquid capsules for easier consumption. Holy basil reduces your stress level & helps to calm those possibly imploding emotions. This helpful herb will add to your immunity level which protects you from other bodily complications in the future.

Research has shown that ursolic acid & the triterpenoic acids which are isolated from holy basil are effectively improving the body’s response to stress. Holy basil has more of a clove-like taste, making it spicier than original basil & with a stronger smell. Although more often used as a cultural healing device. Dr. Weil says, “Exercises are probably the first steps you need to get balanced in terms of stress release on your own before pumping a bunch of herbs or prescription medications into your system.”

Holy basil was found to be most successful at acting stress out of all & was also seen as the safest in terms of consumption & the pattern of its use. You can ask you doctor about holy basil as a remedy against any of these conditions like slow memory functions , the common cold , fever , excess of phlegm in the throat , coughing , a sore throat , kidney stone , heart disorder , mouth infection , bug bite, respiratory problems such as asthma or other lung conditions, eye skin or teeth disorders, & headaches.

It is thought that holy basil may have been used at one time for any or all of above said conditions. Safety is first & precautions should be taken at all times. You should consult your doctor about which remedies are safe for your body & recommended for general use in your day to day life.


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