Conquering Anger, Irritability with 6 useful tips

Having an uncontrollable temper is one of the most unattractive things that a person can have and it will really impede your professional and social life. Anger is the most powerful enemy of man’s himself. Because anger not only harm others but it also harms the person who do this.

These tips are useful for keeping you patient & mild-mannered. But it is not claimed to be wholly successful. You can still lose your temper far too often. Anger is the most tempting of the seven deadly sins.

1. Pay attention to Body : Being too cold , too hot & specially being too hungry makes you far more irritable. So pay attention to your body’s requirements , that will help you to understand the reason behind your irritability. Fulfill the requirements of the body ,you see irritability that was before fulfilling that requirement has gone.

2. Be realistic over Priorities : You often get irritated when someone interrupts you when you were doing some personal work. But you should understand whether some work may be prior to your personal work , though you are going to get interrupted.

3. Don’t expect Praise from Others : You often feel irritated when someone doesn’t notice & praise some effort on your part. But you should not expect any sort of appreciation or praise for your doing from any one. You should do any job by keeping it in mind that you are doing it for your own satisfaction , not for other’s praise or appreciation.

4. Cracking a Joke : This strategy looks more fantasy than reality , but on the rare occasion when you do manage to make joke during a moment of irritation , it works beautifully to lighten the mood. So make some joke to lighten your mood when you feel irritated.

5. Don’t try to be Defensive : Many of your most harsh reactions are trigged by some kind of accusation like you did something wrong , you screwed up in some way & you did something rude. If you can admit to fault , you can lighten your anger. So don’t try to defensive over faults you did , just admit them & chill out you mood.

6. Avoid drinking : Many people drink alcohol in a large quantity which make them so belligerent , that they become aggressive over little things. They become so belligerent that to control them becomes very difficult. So it is batter to give drinking habit.


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