Curing Nose bleeding ‘Epistaxis’ through home Remedies

Nose bleeding is very common , it often looks much worse than it really is. Most nose bleeding occurs because of minor irritation & due to cold. Nose bleeding can frighten people , but is rarely life threatening. The nose contains many small blood vessels that bleed easily. Almost all nose bleedings can be treated at home.

Air moving through the nose can dry & irritate the inside lining membrane of the nose which forms crusts. They bleed when irritated by picking , rubbing & blowing the nose. If you get a nosebleed , sit down & lean slight forward. Keeping the head above the heart will make nose bleed less. Leaning forward helps the blood drain out from nose instead of down the back of the throat.

Squeeze the soft portion of the nose with thumb & index finger together. This area is located between the end of the nose & the hard bony ridge that forms the bridge of the nose. Squeeze the nose until the bleeding stops.

Causes of nose bleeding : The most common cause of nose bleeding is dryness & nose picking. Less common causes include injuries , cold , cocaine use & allergies. Children may stick small objects up the nose. Older people may have hardening of arteries , infections , high blood pressure & blood clotting disorders become reasons for nose bleeding. Blowing the nose very hard can cause nose bleeding.

Home remedies of nose bleeding : These are considered as significant ones in effecting the healing effects. Home remedies for nose bleeding is given more emphasis even by doctors. Some of them are as

Durva or durb grass : Apply juice obtained from Durb grass into each nostril which provide tremendous effect in curing nose bleeding.

Eat foods having zinc : Zinc has some good effect on maintenance of integrity of blood vessels. So eat food items that have more zinc. You can have whole wheat bread , brown rice & popcorn.

Apply water & Ice : Apply it in cool condition without any suffocation into the nasal passage to the possible extent. This provide healing effect in nose bleeding. You can also apply ice packs or cold compresses on the external surface of nose region. This helps to stop bleeding.

Content of Vitamin E capsule : Even you can rub the contents of vitamin E capsule inside the nostrils and this helps in the provision of antioxidant effects in the spot. Now the nose bleed may stop.

Use of Vitamin K : A drop of lemon juice inside the nasal passage may help a lot in this regard. Consume dark green leaf containing vegetable more since they contain vitamin K that is associated with clotting effect.

Amala- Indian gooseberry : Juice obtained from amla or Indian gooseberry may be of more help since they contain more vitamin C in the contents. Dried Indian gooseberry may be kept in water overnight and then this water may be given to the patients with nosebleed. This forms a better remedy.

Ghee may be mixed with a piece of alum and then apply few drops from this mixture into the nasal passages. You may get immediate relief.

Some times, place just a wet towel over the head as one of the home remedies for nosebleed. Home remedies for nosebleed are not to be neglected.


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