Drinking too much cola can paralyze your muscles!

This summer while taking a sip from that of cola bottle, think twice because drinking too much of cola could lead to muscle problems. It can also lead to an irregular heartbeat, bone weakness & even paralysis too. Experts said that the number of cola lovers suffering from health issues is increasing. This is because the cola drinks can cause blood potassium to drop dangerously low.

Many people are seen suffering from tooth decay, diabetes & softening of the bones & doctors also have seen patients suffering from hypokalaemia , in which potassium level in the blood drops to a larger extent. This can further increase heart rhythm abnormalities & risk of muscle problems, which could prove fatal in some cases.

Dr Moses Elisaf, from the University of Ioannina in Greece said, 'Evidence is increasing to suggest that excessive cola consumption can also lead to hypokalaemia, in which the blood potassium levels fall, causing an adverse effect on vital muscle functions.' The authors said their findings were relevant because we now live in an era when the food industry sells drinks in large sizes.

Experts told about the curious case of an Australian ostrich farmer who needed emergency care for lung paralysis after drinking 4-10 liters of cola a day. He made a full recovery & he was advised to curtail his cola intake.

In another case, a 21-year-old pregnant woman was admitted to the hospital suffering tiredness, loss of appetite and repeated vomiting. The patient had consumed more than three litres of cola per day for the previous six years and was found to be suffering from severe hypokalaemia and a heart blockage. Once she was taken off cola and given potassium replacement substances, she made a full recovery.

One theory suggests that the sugar content of cola could lead the kidneys to excrete too much potassium, another theory suggests that the caffeine content of cola leads to a redistribution of potassium in the body's cells or increased excretion from the body. Hypokalaemia can be caused by excessive consumption of three of the most common ingredients in cola drinks like glucose, fructose and caffeine.

Dr Elisaf said, ‘The individual role of each of these ingredients in the pathophysiology of cola-induced hypokalaemia has not been determined and may vary in different patients’, ‘Despite this, caffeine-free cola products can also cause hypokalaemia because the fructose they contain can cause diarrhea.’

Excessive consumption of any kind of cola leads to a wide range of health problems including fatigue , loss of productivity & muscular symptoms that vary from mild weakness to profound paralysis. Further studies are needed to establish about the required quantity of the daily consumption of cola drinks.


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