Genes could help you to live longer!

The new discovery finds key genes that control longevity & prevent ageing by a leading British scientist. That gene will help to understand the mechanism behind illness linked to old age ranging from heart disease to Alzheimer’s & lead to new drugs to tackle these diseases.

Professor Linda Partridge said that gene mutations which extend the lives of animals such as worms, mice & fruit flies appear to play the same role in humans, holding out hope that will soon be able to live longer while staying healthy. According to a new research it has revealed that changes to single genes can give animal an extended lifespan & slow down many diseases of ageing at the same time.

These researches could lead to many diseases being treated or delayed simultaneously with medication. The way by which human body processed the nutrients also offer an opportunity for manipulating the life span. However, drugs which inhibit the nutrient pathways could replicate the effects of a restricted diet, increasing healthy lifespan and affecting a broad range of conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancers, diabetes and Alzheimer's.

Although simply less eating can extend the life span but has proved difficult to achieve in practice. Tackling the causes of ageing rather than treating the symptoms, offers the best prospect for dealing with the diseases that result from it. By tackling the causes of ageing itself we could treat or at least delay a broad spectrum of conditions simultaneously.

Reducing the activity of a molecular signaling pathway in fat tissue could extend life by up to 50 per cent, the insulin/insulin-like growth factor signaling pathway in mammals regulates blood sugar levels, growth and metabolic response to food intake said Professor Partridge. Mutations in genes that encode the protein components have proved to extend lifespan in a nematode worm, the fruit fly and mice.

Genetic variants for these genes in humans have proved to be associated with lifespan. These findings could offer important clues as to how humans could live longer. The major burden of ill health is in the older section of the population. “The new discoveries about ageing have raised the prospect of increasing the number of years that people enjoy in good health, with broad-spectrum preventative medicines for the diseases of ageing”, she said.

Professor Partridge says, “It is likely that during the next decade the nature of the major cellular and biochemical mechanisms that determine longevity and ageing will be identified.”


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