Get rid of Black eye through home remedies

Meaning : A black eye is a hematoma that is the pooling of blood outside the blood vessels. Though this essentially internal bleeding but not all internal bleeding is serious. In medical terms it is known as periorbital hematoma which simply involves the pooling of blood in the tissues around the eye. As a result of some trauma that has damaged the blood vessels in this area.

Covering areas : The actual area which is covered by the black depends upon the blow received by blood vessels. According to study the patents experienced the typical black eye covered the area below the eye. However in some worst cases the black bruise may extend to the eyebrow. But of course there is no indication of the seriousness of the injury.

Home remedy for black eye : Usually black eye does not require any treatment. It is usually only a minor injury that will heal by itself. Treatment for a black eye is only symptomatic. Unless the skin is broken, there is usually no scarring either. The best treatment to get relief from the pain can be by using an ice pack. This will also reduce the inflammation, and thus the severity of the black eye to some extent.

Simply put a few ice cubes in the clean cloth & hold it against your eye for a few minutes. Make sure that cloth you used to put ice should be clean because there may be some broken skin, which can allow bacteria to enter & cause an infection. It is another reason why you should avoid traditional remedy like putting a cold raw steak on your eye. Because the uncooked meat often has bacteria on it , these could cause an infection.

Other useful precautions : In the mean time, other precautions might prove useful like avoiding stringing your eyes or avoiding blowing your nose. These activities might cause more pain & could also aggravate the swelling. You should remember that a black eye might be one of the injuries that you have suffered from a blow.

If you suffer from symptoms such as blurred vision , headaches or dizziness or there could be more serious internal bleeding or even damage to your eye then you should consult to your eye specialist immediately.


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