Healthy benefits of learning Belly Dance

A dance is considered to be a part of an entertainment. But regardless of entertainment it is a type of exercise that can benefit people of any age. Belly dancing is a such type of dancing that can help you get into shape. It is seen that a one hour of belly dancing class can burn more than 500 calories.

Belly dancing involves the movement of group of muscles, so it is excellent for burning the extra fat of the body. The movements like arch , snake arm & hip lifts can improve posture & lend themselves for overall toning of the body. it encourages flexibility to a great extent & it uses many muscles in its movements that otherwise not be used.

Advantages of Belly dancing : The belly dancing has many advantages for human being , these advantages are both physical as well as spiritual , it depends upon you how you reap the benefits of it. Some of advantages are given here to reap benefits of this great dancing for you…

1. Touches Sensual side : Belly dancing is a way to get in touch with the sensual side of your nature. It can be done by women as well as by men. It began as a tribal dance for women to celebrate all that is special about being a woman. It also helps to arouse the sensual felling of both men & women.

2. Helps to reduce Stress : Belly dancing is considered to be a fantastic stress reducer. When a person is under a lot of stress , his muscles tend to tense up leading to more stress & decreased blood flow. Belly dancing helps to stretch muscles & relax the really tight muscles. It is relaxing & rejuvenating way for reducing stress.

3. Beneficial for Bones & Joints : It is low impact type of physical exercise that can provide benefit to the bones & joints. Many doctors have seen to suggest , belly dancing to many patients who suffer from arthritis & back problems. You must consult your doctor before you decide to start belly dancing.

4. Firm up Arms & Legs : If you want to firm up your arms & your legs then learn to belly dance. You may have noticed belly dancers when perform they move around their arms spend a great deal of time in the air which strengthens arm and the leg muscles become firmer as well. This exercise helps to firm up the muscles of both arms & legs.

5. Beneficial for Pregnant Women : Women who are pregnant can benefit from belly dancing too. It provides a type of prenatal exercise that strengthens the muscles that will be needed when it is time to give birth. In the same way, belly dancing also works equally well as a postnatal exercise. If your abdominal muscles are toned then having a baby will be easier. After you have had a baby it can help to tone up the abdominal muscles and encourage a faster rate of healing.

6. More positive & Confident Self Image : Learning belly dancing a creative & fun loving way to express your feelings. It left impression of ‘on top of the world’ on your body , mind & spirit. Your firmer & more toned body fills a more positive self-image & a greater level of self confidence in you.


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