How to cure Sinusitis with home Remedies

Meaning : Sinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal sinuses & nasal passage. Sinus is usually caused by infection but can also be caused by allergic reactions or other responses to environmental agents. Sinusitis may attack people of any age and sex. It can cause a headache , pressure in the eyes , nose , cheek area or on one side of the head.

Diet for Sinusitis : Person suffering from sinusitis should eat healthy and nutritional foods to keep body and mind healthy. He should eat plenty of green vegetables, fruits, cereals, salads, etc. Eat plenty of raw garlic and onions. It will open the nasal congestion and helps in curing sinusitis. Drink plenty of water daily. Avoid junk and oily foods, chocolates, sweets, etc. Similarly, patient should not take milk or any kind of milk product.

Sleeping position : Person suffering from sinusitis should take plenty of rest , stay happy and stress free. Sleeping in a right posture is also very important because during sinusitis patients find difficulty in breathing , hence the best posture is lying on the side keeping two pillows below the head. The idea is to keep head little upward so that the mucus can easily discharge from the nose.

Some home remedies for Sinusitis : It is a troubling disease , here are given e some of the best home remedies for its treatment

Ginger : Ginger is one of the oldest and effective home remedies for the treatment of different viral and nasal problems. Ginger extract is very good for curing sinusitis. Take small pieces of raw ginger and extract its juice. Take two teaspoon of this extract twice a day, until the disease s not cured completely. This is one of the important home remedies for sinusitis.

Cinnamon seeds : It is also found that cinnamon seeds are good for curing sinusitis. Take two teaspoon of cinnamon powder , add a little amount of water to it. Apply this paste over the head and nose. This will really does wonder. Similarly, basil leaves extract cloves are quite effective in curing sinusitis. This is one of the useful home remedies for sinusitis.

Fenugreek ( methi ) seeds : Fenugreek or methi seeds are useful in treating various diseases like sinusitis. Prepare a mixture by adding two teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water. Boil till the water content reduces to half. Drain the mixture, and take in small sips. Take this mixture three times a day until the disease is not cured completely. This is one of the useful home remedies for sinusitis.

Garlic : Another effective home remedy is garlic. Take five garlic seeds and soak in water for some time. Make its paste and inhale its fragrance. This will loosen the mucus and will make breathing easier. This is one of the useful home remedies for sinusitis.

Fresh Fruit's juice : Sinusitis patient should eat plenty of fresh juicy fruits like oranges, and other Vitamin C-rich fruits. Mango is also very good for sinusitis patient. Freshly prepared orange juice, sweet grape juice are best for curing sinusitis.

Mustard seeds : Take a teaspoon full of mustard seeds and in a glass of water. Boil until the water content reduces to half. Allow it to cool a little. With the help of a dropper, put three or four drops in the nose.

With the help of above said hoe remedies the problem of sinutsitis can be controlled to a graeter level. While using these home remedies proper precautions should be applied. These all simple things are mostly available in your homes. Make use of them & keep you away from sinusitis.


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