How to overcome your Fears?

Scanning your psychology for fear is a strange thing to do if you think about it. But when put into practice it is useful & becomes as routine of life. A very funny fact about fear is that, once it is identified, then it turns into something else & is hopefully on its way to become irrelevant. If you ignore your fears they grow like a fungus & eventually can take over your life. If you figured out what you want to do & do that then doors will open for you. Stay focused, work hard & you will stay on track.

The easy thing you can do to sit around & finalize about what you want. The hard part just might have been the fear of success. We all have failures every day. It is not bad thing; it is just missing of the mark. But you should really try for success. Then if you fail, so what, keep on trying. Fears need constant attention and maintenance.

Your fear is like a dust. You can sweep it away but it keeps coming back. Scanning your psychology from time to time is like dusting your fears. Sometimes you need a quick sweep. Sometimes you need to get out with the soap and water & see what sort of filth is behind the fridge. Here explained ways to overcome your fears.

1. Face your fear : Sit calmly & figure out what actually your fears are. Write them down & face them. The sooner you deal with them, first by giving them some attention. Sooner they will start to fade away. Because they are created by our mind when you pay attention to your fears you will find they will remain no longer.

2. Conversation about fear : Talk about your fear with your friends & family members but not with every one. Because you trust your friends & family & it is safe place to let out your fears. Conversation regarding fear helps to eradicate it to a larger extent.

3. Stop complaining about anything : Many people think that it is else’s fault that he doesn’t have what he wants. But complaining about other people may be fun in the moment. But it is wastage of time & takes you away from your issues. Try to focus on what your issues are in the life.

4. Have compassion & patience : You are not a fear-busting machine. These things take time. Have compassion and patience. You will get there.

5. Eating well : You can't get over your fears if you have bad habits, especially when it comes to food. Start eating healthy today and fuel your body for fear-busting. Always have healthy & nutritious food that will make body as well as mind strong.

6. Having smile on face : Just as yoga, exercise balances your body the same way smiles balance your seriousness with silliness. Smile, if only it is at you in the mirror. It's good for you. Smile can take away many physical as well as mental diseases.

7. Write down your plans : write down your plans & ideas. Keeping a notebook of ideas, lists & goals is a great for overcoming the fear. It is fun to cross off your accomplishments too. Wring boost your mind & fill it with new imaginations which help to throw out irrelevant fears.

8. Practice Yoga : Yoga can in many ways proves to be helpful in overcoming your fears. By many yoga pose like head stand pose which taught you balance & focus of your mind, many breathing practices that provide soothing effect to body as well as mind & eradicate your fear to a greater extent.

9. Being yourself : The best thing you have going for you is being yourself. The moment you try to be like someone else you are taking away your own greatness. Just be you. That's so much better than good enough. That's great.

10. Keep going as far as you can : When you overcome a fear or achieve a goal it is great to be thrilled celebrate, but don't stop there. Keep going & you can go as far as you allow yourself. You are in charge of everything in your life. Everything you are. Everything you do and everything you will do. So might as well start now.

Some of above told simple but effective ways will surely help you to overcome your fears of your life & make success in your life.


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