Human organs help to digest Reality

The digeative process include not only the taking of food but also about swallowing & assimilating your reality.We absorb everthing everthing happened to us along with our feelings, sensations & experiences in life. Digestive system is a wonderful monitor of emotional balance. Whwn we are happy then our digetion will be reasonably maintenece free. On the other hand if we are experiencing conflicts, stress or difficulties then it ofen show up indigetion or constipation. The main organ participate in digesting reality are explained below.

1. The Mouth : This reception area where reality is vetted to see if it may pass through & a deeper lounge for emotion, thoughts, ideas & feelings. It break down foods & information into usable parts. This is indicative of our attitude to life, taking small or large bites, chewing quickly or lingering over each mouthful. Do you take a long time chewing things over & perhaps get so involved with the details that you lose sight of the overall picture?

2. The Throat : This is a two-way bridge, connecting our head & body, or mind & heart. It takes in air, food, liquid and reality; and expresses our thoughts & feelings. In exactly the same way as we swallow food, we swallow our reality. This may also include swallowing our feelings, doubts, fears, or anger. To swallow something is to accept & believe it, when we swallow our reality we are accepting it into our being. Are you swallowing hurt feelings, such as failure, shame, guilt or disappointment?

3. The Stomach : Digestion is absorbing what we need & eliminating what we do not need, both physically & psycho/emotionally. Having a healthy digestion means being able to receive nourishment, to let ourselves be nurtured, without this nourishment, whether physical or emotional, there can be a constant craving, a longing to fill hidden needs, or a strong denial and rejection of those needs.

Indigestion is caused by worry and stress as much as it is by upsetting food. The stomach is where we harbor worry, the digestive enzymes churning with anxiety until we can "no longer stomach" what is happening. Indigestion can also be caused when the reality we are digesting is too bitter or sour, or is proving too much to bear, and we literally cannot stomach it any more. What issues or feelings are you swallowing that are so bitter or upsetting? Is your heart burning up about something or someone?

4. The Intestines : The intestines are not only where we complete absorption of nutrients & prepare the unwanted for departure, but also where we assimilate & absorb the details of our reality. It is here that we process our stuff where we digest what we have taken in. The belly is the feeling center where we have intuitive gut feelings or can get emotionally wounded, as when we are hit in the guts. Feelings can get locked in here, unable to find expression or release. In the large intestine the matter is finished with, ready to be excreted. This area is about releasing, so difficulties here are connected to clinging to that which has already served its purpose. There may be grief or sadness, or a fear of letting go.

5. The Rectum : The anus is the final exit point from the body. It is a private, hidden part of our being, tucked away out of sight. Here we find unacknowledged fear & anger. Is someone being a pain in the backside. Are they getting too close, invading your privacy.


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