Mobile Chips to diagnose diseases : Coming Soon !

In near future a mobile phone chip can diagnose medical condition on the spot. This gadget will be available in five years. Researchers are on the verge of perfecting a tiny microchip that reads blood tests & slots into a mobile phone. So it can send to your doctor. This gadget will prove helpful to eliminate painful waits for laboratory reports.

The device will also be made available to paramedics attending everyday emergencies. It is believed that such invention will be proved hugely beneficial for health services around the world. Such inventions will dramatically change the way by which fatal conditions are diagnosed & treated today.

The new gadget will reduce the waiting time for patients, always a nerve-wracking experience & allow doctors to begin the treatment much earlier than which was possible previously. Doctors will be able to carry out tests at a patient's bedside instead of waiting for lab results. This gadget will plug into a mobile then require only a wireless network to enable the test results to be sent to whoever needs them.

This chip will dramatically reduce the length of time between diagnosis and treatment. It will come complete with a kit enabling samples of bodily fluids to be used to give fast diagnosis. Orla has been working with Japanese technology giant Japan Radio since presenting their technology at the annual nano technology conference in Tokyo in 2005.

The CEO of orla Dale Athey said, “The agreement makes sense combining as it does our strengths in biotechnology and their strengths in wireless communications & electronics.” They are currently exploring routes to market with healthcare providers & other companies who are interested in this area. They are five years away from getting it out into the market.


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