Music can sooth the pain of newborns

A new study has found that playing music to babies in hospitals can ease their pain & help to cure the feeding problem. When many test are done of premature babies doctors have to prick the heel for blood tests, it had been seen that sound including live music, classical & female singers all lowered the pain of premature babies.

When music was played it also had been seen that babies born at full term appeared to experience less pain during delivery. The music played included live music, classical, female vocalists, recorded lullabies & recorded nursery rhymes. Some of the studies showed music could help premature babies who struggled with feeding.

Many pre-term babies have a hard time breastfeeding or using a bottle because they experience difficulties with sucking coordination, as well as with swallowing & breathing. While carrying out one experiment, the experts gave some babies a dummy that was playing lullabies when sucked. Those babies who used this special experiment tool improved their feeding habits, compared to those who did not use the dummy.

Music helped babies in many ways such as newborn babies expressed less pain, had lower heart rates and better levels of oxygen when music was playing during the procedure of circumcision. Music is increasingly being used in neonatal units, where the little patients are too vulnerable to be given some regular painkillers.

The experts at University of Alberta in Canada said, “The authors said: 'In summary, there is preliminary evidence to suggest that music may have beneficial effects in terms of physiological parameters, behavioral states & pain reduction during painful medical procedures.” The experts added that larger and better-quality trials are needed to confirm the therapeutic benefits of music for specific indications and to find out the best ways to use music.


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