Prevent & relieve Ulcerative Colitis through Yoga

Ulcerative Colitis : It is a form of inflammatory bowl disease (IBD) in a form of colitis which is a disease of the intestine specially the large intestine or colon. It includes open sores , in colon. Its main symptom is usually constant diarrhea mixed with blood.

The colon is the part of digestive where waste materials are stored. The rectum is the end of the colon adjacent to the anus. In this disease ulcer & inflammation of the inner lining of the colon lead to symptoms of abdominal pain , diarrhea & recral bleeding.

Causes of Ulcerative Colitis : Ulcerative colitis occurs in 35 to 100 e for every 100,000 people. Causes of ulcer colitis are many like people with this disease may have abnormalities in the immune system. The immune system of body is believed to react abnormally to the bacteria in the digestive tract. But doctors don’t know whether these abnormalities are result of the disease.

This disease is not caused by emotional distress or sensitivity to certain food products , but these factors may trigger symptoms in many people. The stress of living with ulcerative colitis may also contribute to a worsening of symptoms.

Symptoms of Ulcerative colitis : The most common symptoms of ulcerative colitis are abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea. Patients also may experience

• anemia
• fatigue
• weight loss
• loss of appetite
• rectal bleeding
• loss of body fluids and nutrients
• skin lesions
• joint pain
• growth failure (specifically in children)

About half of the people diagnosed with ulcerative colitis have mild symptoms. Others suffer frequent fevers , bloody diarrhea , nausea & severe abdominal cramps.

Treatment of ulcerative colitis : Both medications and surgery have been used to treat ulcerative colitis. However, surgery is reserved for those with severe inflammation and life-threatening complications. There is no medication that can cure ulcerative colitis. Patients with ulcerative colitis will typically experience periods of relapse (worsening of inflammation) followed by periods of remission (resolution of inflammation) lasting months to years.

Medications : Since ulcerative colitis cannot be cured by medication , the goals of treatment with medication are induce remissions , maintain remissions , minimize side effects of treatment & improve the quality of life.

Surgery : Surgery for ulcerative colitis usually involves removing the entire colon and the rectum. Removal of the colon and rectum is the only permanent cure for ulcerative colitis. This procedure also eliminates the risk of developing colon cancer.

Yoga for preventing & relieving ulcerative colitis : Yoga poses is an excellent way to mange irritable bowel disease (IBD) such as ulcerative colitis & relieve symptoms such as diarrhea , constipation , abdominal pain , bloating & nausea.

Yoga Posture Sequence for IBS : These poses can be practiced as needed individually , follow the full sequences on a daily basis to maintain digestive stability. Try to breathe as slowly and deeply as you can , breathing in and out through your nose, as you hold each pose & move through the sequences.

1. Inverted staff pose : Helps in relieving diarrhea , flatulence , abdominal cramping , indigestion.

Caution : don't do if you have neck problems , migraine/headache & current diarrhea.

2. Bound angle pose : Helps In improving digestion and blood circulation to abdomen & pelvis.

3. Wide-angle seated pose : Helps in improving circulation to abdomen/pelvis , digestion overall.

4. Half-plough pose : Helps soothe nerves & relax mind & digestive complaints associated with anxiety.

Caution : Avoid if you have neck/shoulder problems or period.

5. Bridge pose : Helps with overall digestion , diarrhea & abdominal cramping.

6. Legs up the wall pose : Helps soothe sympathetic nervous system , relieve anxiety-associated diarrhea , indigestion & nausea.

7. Hero pose : Helps in relieving stomach acidity, flatulence , abdominal cramping.

8. Downward facing dog : Helps to calm nervous system , relieve constipation and indigestion.

9. Headstand : Hhelps relieve spastic colon , stabilize digestive tract.

Caution : Only do this if already part of your regular practice. Don't do it if have high blood pressure , period , neck/back problems & migraines.

10. Shoulderstand : Helps IBS , colitis , chronic constipation , or hemorrhoids.

Caution : avoid this if you have neck/shoulder problems , high blood pressure , period & migraine/headache.

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