What are the essentials for newborn baby care?

People often say that they are blesses with a baby girl or a baby boy. Babies are undeniably great gift for the parents. A special attention is required for taking care of newborn because the newborns can’t tell you what they want. Parents need to understand the signs of newborns & take good care of them. The possible sign that a newborn can give to parents is a long cry. Parents have to understand the language of newborns & attend to their requirements. Parents find it difficult to handle their babies first time but then it becomes normal for them.

1. Lack of experience : This is very common for the couples who are becoming parents for the first time & they don’t have enough experience in handling babies. Women need to start search for useful resources about newborn baby care when they are pregnant. Even though they have not done it before yet they need to understand essentials baby care fundamentals. Many books, articles & useful classes can help them to find solution of all their problems.

2. Stump of newborn : The major concern for most of the parents is the stump of the newborn. How to deal with the remaining portion of umbilical cord is major issue for several women even if they have enough experience. The stump has to be kept dry all the times. During bath, the stump may become wet & it has to be cleaned using soft ball. The stump will fall off in two or three weeks. It takes some time to heal completely.

3. Right clothing for newborn : Parents need to know about right clothes for the newborns. Parents have to choose cool & soft clothes during summer season. These clothes should not be too big in size because newborn feel uncomfortable in such clothes. Newborns should be kept warm during winter & hence parents need to find proper winter clothing. Once newborn is few weeks old, parents can take the baby out for early morning sun. this will prevent baby from jaundice.

4. Right diapers for newborn : Diapers are inevitable for newborn babies. Parents must go for popular & recognized branded diapers which are safe for the babies. Some times it is seen that most soft diapers may be allergic to new born babies. Parents have to check if baby develops diaper rashes. Then they should take proper skin care of the babies.

5. Skin care of newborn : Skin care is essential for newborn baby. The skin of baby is very delicate so parents should be careful about choosing the right products for the baby. They should use lotions or ointments that are tested & certified by leading doctors. During initial weeks, sometimes, baby may have dead cells on the skin & hair. These can be removed using the sponge while bathing. However, if the outer layer sheds heavily, parents should consult a pediatrician immediately.

6. Naming the newborn : Naming the newborn is daunting task for many parents because a lot of issues must be considered while choosing names. Some times parents choose baby names based on sun signs & moon signs. One thing is important while naming the newborn is that give the baby a meaningful name. Name of the baby is its unique identity.


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