10Yoga postures for Hital Hernia

Hital hernia is also known as diaphragmatic hernia. It is annoying & serious health problem should be treated immediately. Hernia occurs when one part of your body opening into another part. This hernia forms at the opening in the diaphragm where the esophagus (the food pipe) joins the stomach. A part of your stomach pushes through this opening & cause hiatal hernia.

Yoga postures for hital hernia : Some of basic yoga postures are helpful for relieving the pain of hital hernia like Vajrasana , Shashkasana , Matsyasana , Sarvanasana ,Ustrasana , Bhadrasana , Uttanpadasana , Naukasana ,Pawanmuktasana ,Setubnadhasana etc.

1.Vajrasana :

2. Shashkasana :

3. Matsyasana :

4. Sarvanasana :

5. Ustrasana :

6. Bhadrasana :

7. Uttanpadasana :

8. Naukasana :

9. Pawanmuktasana :

10. Setubnadhasana :


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