5 useful ways to feel better

Everybody want to smooth out of those frayed edges, lower the stress level in the natural way. these six proven ways bring both your body & mind into balance. You are to find out which one works for you & make those a part of your weekly emotion fitness regime. Here explained the six ways that will definitely help you to feel better in your daily life.

1. Take Sunlight daily : Thirty minutes of sunlight each day wards off your depression, provides Vitamin D & other vitamins & boost your immune system. When you try to get your life to work on strictly a psychological level, you ignore the fact that you live in a body which has significant power over your mood. This is one of the easiest place to start to turn your life around or to get out of an emotional slump.

2. Take thirty minutes brisk Walk : A daily thirty minutes brisk walking outdoors is free & one of the best habit you can cultivate for your body, mind & spirit. It can smooth out moods through releasing seratonin, the same chemical in antidepressant medication, which elevate your mood, keep you fit, control your weight & give you time with friends. Studies have shown that walking three to four times a week for 45 minutes or more is just as effective in managing depression as medication.

3. Don't be isolate Talk to others : Over and over again research reveals that talking over what's bothering you actually reduces stress chemicals in the body & elevates level of the body's natural opioid system. Sharing feelings sooths the mind & body system & crying does just the same. In fact tears shed in grief have a different chemical make up than tears shed in joy. Emotional insecurity or pain can make you to isolate. Sharing elevate your soothing body chemicals & being in the presence of other people who can help to regulate your body's vital rhythms.

4. Take bath in Warm water : Heat causes prolactin to be released into the bloodstream. Prolactin is that natural soothing body chemical that is often associated with nursing mothers. It causes you to feel calm, soothed & serene. One easy way to give yourself a little shot of prolactin, is to take a warm bath. Some people like to add some natural soothing scent. Settle in after a long day & just immerse yourself in the warm water& breathe your stress away.

5. Journaling calms autonomic system : Journaling also elevates the immune system & calms the autonomic system, it smooths out the heartbeat, breathing & perspiration. As you freely write our thoughts & feelings on paper, the associative process of your mind goes to work. Through journaling, you gain insight & perspective, You flush out concealed or veiled material & bring it out onto the page where you can see and reflect on it. The basic method is to simply put pen to paper and let your thoughts and feelings pour out freely. The way you are reacting to things on the inside may be stressing you out just as much or maybe even more than what's actually happening.

Many of your worries are self created. You make your life much more stressful than it need to be by your internal, emotional reaction to a situation in your life. The way you are reacting to things on the inside may be stressing you out just as much or maybe even more than what's actually happening.


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