Increased anti cancer befits, found in boiled carrot

Since long carrots have prized for their health benefits, especially their Vitamin & fiber content. They contain huge amounts of carotenoids which are converted into Vitamin A in the body. But new studies have shown that cooking carrots whole before chopping them up boost their anti cancer properties. Leaving the vegetable intact prevents valuable nutrients from being easily washed away into the water. Boiled unchopped carrots also make them taste better

Carrots are also an excellent source of the anti-cancer compound falcarinol found in them. Carrots boiled before they were cut contained 25 % more falcarinol than those that were chopped up first. While cutting carrots have a higher surface area in contact with the water that results in greater loss of nutrients compared with boiling them whole. At the time of boiling the heat softens the cell walls in the vegetable that allows Vitamins & falcarinol to leach out.

The distinctively sweet flavor found in carrot which is caused by naturally occurring sugars. They were also found in higher concentrations in carrots that had been cooked whole that means the vegetable tastes better. People found carrots cooked whole tasted much well. Dr Brandt said, “The great thing about this is it's a simple way for people to increase their uptake of a compound we know is good for you. All you need is a bigger saucepan.”

Like boiling carrot can increase their anti cancer befits, it can also apply to other vegetables also like parsnips which are from the same family & are similar in size & texture. To peel the vegetable is largely a matter of personal taste.


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