Chatting long on mobile can stress elbow nerve

More chat more pain : Mobile usage has always been associated with some & other health related problems. Mobiles have been blamed for damaging hearing & exposing users to harmful radiation. People who just can’t stop chatting into their handsets are likely to face a new menace-mobile phone elbow. People who used to hold the phone to their ear for longer period are risk of developing a painful condition in their arm.

Mobile users by bending the elbow too tightly & for too longer time could overextend a main nerve. As well as being painful, this can lead to numbness from elbow to the fingers. Orthopaedicians told that there has been increasing numbers of patients with this health condition. To prevent from it they advised mobile user to switch the handset from one hand to another so often.

The problem is centre on the ulnar nerve, which extends underneath the funny bone & controls the ring & little finger. The nerve which travels through the forearm & branches into the hand if stretched repeatedly can become weaker & scared. In medical terms this is called carpal tunnel syndrome. In which sufferer experiences weakness in his hands & face difficulty in opening jars, typing, writing & playing an instrument.

Dr Leon Benson, an orthopaedic surgeon said, “The more you bend it, for example when using a phone, the more it stretches. It diminishes the blood supply and the blood is not flowing through the nerves. While the nerves are designed for stretching, it's not normal to be in a position to be stretched for an hour.” In many severe cases of carpal tunnel syndrome may require surgery. But most require simple changes, such as changing hands on the phone.

Previous research has suggested that using a mobile phone for more than an hour a day could damage hearing. Some experts claim radiation from mobile phones can affect thought processes and could even be linked to conditions such as epilepsy. In spite of all researches done on mobile menace, mobile phone manufactures strongly deny the health issues associated with its usage.


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